A Vintage Valentines Tutorial – DIY Romantic Sleeping Mask

Feb 03, 12 A Vintage Valentines Tutorial – DIY Romantic Sleeping Mask

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I love my sleeping masks. They are my secret to successful daytime naps, as rare as they are, and also do a marvellous job at securely holding those much needed eye cooling gels.  I always love the way the romantic heroine awakes in bed and peers from beneath those satin hoods. Most memorable to me is the divine Auntie Mame who...

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Nvey Eco Organic Makeup – A review and simple smokey eye how to.

The people at Nvey Eco recently sent me their new eye palette to test and review. Nvey Eco cosmetics are made with 100% certified organic ingredients, a blend of plant and mineral, to create a product that is pure and gentle. They are also a locally produced, Melbourne brand! For me as a makeup artist, it is a must to have...

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How to create a cats eye – winged liner. Inspired by vintage bombshell Sophia Loren.

  Here are the in depth tricks to creating Sophia Loren’s classic cats eye liquid liner look. I spent many hours studying photos of Ms. Loren and just how she achieved this look over the years. Now I’ve broken it down into simple steps for you!  I’ve started this look with my face already made up with a matt...

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A Retro Pinup How to for Halloween – Cute Cheerleader!

It’s my super cute look number two for Halloween! Outfit It just so happened that on a previous trip to Texas, I’d stumbled across this cool authentic cheerleaders outfit. I’d had it stored away for a special occasion, and wouldn’t you know it; it’s just perfect for Bonnie Rose – it even has a...

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A Vintage Pin Up How To for Halloween – Super Cute Witch!

Happy Halloween! – Well almost.. I’m actually on top of my Halloween planning this year and as a result I have THREE, yes count them 3 big Halloween pinup look tutorials for you!  The first of these is my classic Halloween Witch look, shot here with my Some Fancy Ladies™ team. I wanted to create something classic,...

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A Simple 1940′s Daytime Hairdo – New Tutorial!

Mar 25, 11 A Simple 1940′s Daytime Hairdo – New Tutorial!

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. The perfect vintage solution to bad hair days!  Here is a quick and relatively simple new tutorial that will teach you how to create those lovely side sweeps and the right way to wear a snood. Remember this 1940′s hair style from last week’s outfit post?  This is how I did it! . How to do a simple 1940′s vintage...

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How to Create The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Yay! Finally it is tutorial time again! This time around I’m going to show you that long promised tutorial on how to use liquid liner to create a simple, retro, winged liner look.  This is a great starting point for beginners and those of you that don’t have such a steady hand.  You can use this same technique to bump...

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3 Easy Ways to Tie a Headscarf – Retro Style!

I’ve been asked many times how I tie my simple headscarf.  The one I wear when I’m setting my pin curls and still want to be able to go out on errands looking half way decent.  So today, I have a simple video tutorial for you, taking you through three simple and easy to achieve looks with a large square scarf. There are...

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