How do you Live Free? Show us and you could WIN a trip to Thailand!!

*This is a Nuffnang sponsored post. Exploring the islands of Phi Phi, Thailand. There is an insidious creature living on roadsides all across this country. A creature we all too willingly let into our cars, our homes, our lunch boxes and our wallets. It preys on the disorganized, the late, the uninspired and the late night...

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Taking Barbie on Tour of Australia – My Way.

Apr 09, 13 Taking Barbie on Tour of Australia – My Way.

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This was the last package I expected to see when I stopped at the mail box the other day. Even though I’m technically “too old”, I still get excited by Barbie pink and her miniature world of fabulousness. I’d heard a rumour that Barbie had plans to sell up her Malibu beach house and head to Australia, I just...

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The Reality of Family Travel and Why You Should Do It!

Mar 12, 13 The Reality of Family Travel and Why You Should Do It!

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Today’s post is a very special guest post by Caz Makepeace, a brilliant travel blogger I had the pleasure of travelling to Malaysia with recently. It was so inspiring to hear about all her world travels, especially the fact that she and her husband do this with their young family in tow! I’m a big believer in travelling...

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Visiting Melbourne Zoo for a Meerkat fix.

Nov 21, 12 Visiting Melbourne Zoo for a Meerkat fix.

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I can’t help it, I’m mad for these little guys. When Mr SKM offered to take us all for a day at the Melbourne Zoo on Saturday we knew what our first stop would be! The weather at the moment is perfect to see them out and about doing there Meerkat thing, digging around, playing and looking suspiciously at planes...

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Kuala Lumpur in Living Colour

Nov 12, 12 Kuala Lumpur in Living Colour

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I’m so glad I’m not colour blind. The way I see the world is all about colour, and never more so than when I travel. Today I’m going to share with you photos, (many photos) of my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is how I saw the city with all it’s textures, lights and hidden alleys. Beauty is...

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The Best Exotic Massage in Malacca – The Majestic Spa Village

  What is the most unique spa treatment you’ve ever had? Being slathered in mud? Covered in bees wax? I think I may be able to beat that. On my recent trip to Malaysia I had the chance to choose an indulgence from a particularly unusual menu, one I’d never seen here in Australia. At the original colonial boutique...

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Eating My Way through Malaysia – So many tastes!

Sep 24, 12 Eating My Way through Malaysia – So many tastes!

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I won’t embarrass myself by telling you how much weight I’ve gained on my last few trips, but it was worth every bite. Sometimes you have to break all the rules and just say yes! My time in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca was one of those times for sure. As a fashion and style blogger travelling with food bloggers, it’s...

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How to have Beautiful Skin in Tropical Climates

I live in Melbourne. Melbourne is anything but tropical. It can be super cold, super hot or super wet, only on the very rare occasion do we get a peek at humidity. So you’d think I’d never have to worry about this, but my love of travel and adventure takes me all kinds of places, most frequently the humid ones. Taking excellent...

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