5 Reasons to Buy Vintage for Your Kids this Christmas

Oct 31, 13 5 Reasons to Buy Vintage for Your Kids this Christmas

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Confess; how many of you are guilty of buying those under $10 pieces of cheap tat for the kids in your life each holiday season? Maybe as a stocking filler, or maybe because they got the better of you at the checkout; here’s some great reasons why you should take your cash and buy vintage for Christmas this year.  1.It’s an...

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SKM Says – Today I Answer The Hairy Questions

Sep 30, 13 SKM Says – Today I Answer The Hairy Questions

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In Today’s episode of Super Kawaii Mama says, I tackle some rather hairy questions…   Doing vintage styles on very curly hair Lash extensions – Yay or Nay? Going Grey – Is it O.K? My opinion on facial...

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How to Plan an Unforgettably Brilliant Holiday! – Storyboarding

Jul 25, 12 How to Plan an Unforgettably Brilliant Holiday! – Storyboarding

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  Holidays. We know we all need them, we dream about them and set our desktops with pictures of palm trees, but aside from booking the event itself and throwing some clothes into a suitcase, how much do we plan for? You may not be a planner, you may prefer those adventure style, fly by the seat of your pants and see if you end...

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How To Shop Your Wardrobe – Five steps to successfully updating your look for free!

image via The idea of shopping your wardrobe, as it’s called, is nothing new. It’s a term we like to use that means, ” I have no spare cash to go out and blow on the things I actually want right now, even though they might be trendy, but I still want to look fresh and amazing.” Which clearly is too much of a...

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How To Prepare For Your Own Pin Up Shoot

Helen McLean and Candice DeVille in at the Helen McLean Photography studio. Following on from yesterday’s advice on my Top Ten Tips on How To Be A Pin Up Model, today I have something for those of you who would like all the fun without any of the commitment. For those ladies who’d like to be a Pin Up for a day and come...

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Top Ten things to know about how to be a Pin Up Model

As you probably gathered from my Facebook updates and my notable sporadic posting of late, I am still on tour and not always able to get internet service to post. But today I have a chance to stop, breathe and write you something new. This weekend I’m up in sunny Queensland and have just finished three days at the Garterbelts...

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Making the cut – How to win the wardrobe culling war!

Image of Nanette Lepore’s dressing room in her Manhattan apartment. From Elle Decor Yesterday I spent the day at Take 2 Markets, the premiere women’s recycled fashion event here in Melbourne. Most cities now have these types of fabulous markets where your underused wardrobe items can find new life, and what a great...

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How to Avoid the Post Holiday Blues

How to Avoid the Post Holiday Blues. Notebooks from Flirty Bird. Plush cactus in a pot from San-X Sabo. Sleep mask from Click for Art. For many of us this back to work time is one of the hardest of the year. Especially if you’re currently struggling through winter as well and haven’t seen the sun in a long time. I’m one of those...

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