5 Key Ways to survive the Back to Work Blues

Jan 16, 13 5 Key Ways to survive the Back to Work Blues

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This week is often the hardest of any for the many of you who are now heading back to work, post holidays. And today, being Wednesday here in Australia, may seem like the longest day of all. But never fear; there are ways to make your time infinitely better and to reach the end of each week feeling a happy sense of achievement...

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Your Happy Place – A Serious Question

Oct 23, 12 Your Happy Place – A Serious Question

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Image source After the last post, What should I wear for Halloween, this post is the far less flippant side of questions on the blog. (The answer by the way has been voted as Kim Kardashian!) Today I have a question for you about how you use the internet. I was chatting with a friend today about our mutual addiction to our smart...

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How To Shop Your Wardrobe – Five steps to successfully updating your look for free!

image via The idea of shopping your wardrobe, as it’s called, is nothing new. It’s a term we like to use that means, ” I have no spare cash to go out and blow on the things I actually want right now, even though they might be trendy, but I still want to look fresh and amazing.” Which clearly is too much of a...

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Top Ten things to know about how to be a Pin Up Model

As you probably gathered from my Facebook updates and my notable sporadic posting of late, I am still on tour and not always able to get internet service to post. But today I have a chance to stop, breathe and write you something new. This weekend I’m up in sunny Queensland and have just finished three days at the Garterbelts...

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One surefire way to improve yourself both inside and out!

Mar 15, 12 One surefire way to improve yourself both inside and out!

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We all know the power of words. The power to hurt, to heal, to make us laugh; but all too often this is only brought home in those negative moments when things are said that leave us smarting. The most powerful tool we have at our disposal is our words, both to change our mood and that of those around us. One of the most simple of...

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Making the cut – How to win the wardrobe culling war!

Image of Nanette Lepore’s dressing room in her Manhattan apartment. From Elle Decor Yesterday I spent the day at Take 2 Markets, the premiere women’s recycled fashion event here in Melbourne. Most cities now have these types of fabulous markets where your underused wardrobe items can find new life, and what a great...

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How to Avoid the Post Holiday Blues

How to Avoid the Post Holiday Blues. Notebooks from Flirty Bird. Plush cactus in a pot from San-X Sabo. Sleep mask from Click for Art. For many of us this back to work time is one of the hardest of the year. Especially if you’re currently struggling through winter as well and haven’t seen the sun in a long time. I’m one of those...

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5 Ways to Prepare your Winter Wardrobe for next to nothing

Mar 08, 11 5 Ways to Prepare your Winter Wardrobe for next to nothing

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*A blast from the past post* Okay, maybe spark plugs are not what I can help you with, but the question remains; are you ready for Winter?  At the beginning of each new season, the magazines are full of tips of which boot / glove/ dress you need to survive the season. But one of the things I almost never read about is how to make...

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