My Little Mori Girl

Today’s Daily Outfit is a special guest appearance.  Channeling the warm, earthy tones and layered styles of the Japanese Mori Girl fashion, my own little Mori Girl is heading off shopping  today. This look isn’t about brands, but about warm muted tones, layering, open knits and weaves, all coming together to create a...

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Handmade and Vintage Gifts for Kids

Nov 20, 13 Handmade and Vintage Gifts for Kids

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I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what I want to buy my kids this Christmas, with local handmade and vintage gifts right at the top of the list. I had my little soap box moment about the Five Reasons To Buy Vintage for Kids, and it’s only right that I practice what I preach. It’s also a whole heap of fun (if...

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Cold Days, Hot Lunches. Treats in Mid Winter.

Jul 08, 13 Cold Days, Hot Lunches. Treats in Mid Winter.

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The middle of winter always seems to be the time I’m hit with the makeover bug. Makeover my hair, my room, re-organise the closet and move everything around in the kitchen.  Even though I have perfectly adequate kitchen crockery, an unexpected visit to Ikea the other week, saw me indulge in a frenzy of colour co-ordinated...

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The Reality of Family Travel and Why You Should Do It!

Mar 12, 13 The Reality of Family Travel and Why You Should Do It!

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Today’s post is a very special guest post by Caz Makepeace, a brilliant travel blogger I had the pleasure of travelling to Malaysia with recently. It was so inspiring to hear about all her world travels, especially the fact that she and her husband do this with their young family in tow! I’m a big believer in travelling...

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Making Magic with gift ideas for kids this Christmas

Dec 12, 12 Making Magic with gift ideas for kids this Christmas

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It seems the word that I am just a big kid at heart, has really gotten around. Last week I received an invitation from a special gentleman to come and visit him at work. As you can imagine, my girls were blown away when I told them I had the chance to spend the morning with Santa in his regional workshop, hanging out at Mattel for...

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A Very Hello Kitty Christmas!

Dec 01, 12 A Very Hello Kitty Christmas!

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This is the year I realise a dream. With a little Miss 5 and a Miss 8 around, there has never been a better time to indulge a girlhood dream of having my very own Hello Kitty Pink Christmas Tree! Usually I’m quite traditional about my tree, hanging ornaments I’ve been collecting over a lifetime and adding to them each...

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Visiting Melbourne Zoo for a Meerkat fix.

Nov 21, 12 Visiting Melbourne Zoo for a Meerkat fix.

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I can’t help it, I’m mad for these little guys. When Mr SKM offered to take us all for a day at the Melbourne Zoo on Saturday we knew what our first stop would be! The weather at the moment is perfect to see them out and about doing there Meerkat thing, digging around, playing and looking suspiciously at planes...

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Daily Outfit – Dynasty Style

Sep 28, 12 Daily Outfit – Dynasty Style

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Thursday. It’s finally warm!  Although the weather man says it will be short-lived, it is the light at the end of the winter tunnel and it feels great! I’ve been trying to shake the flu for two weeks now, and while I’m over the worst of it I just can’t seem to kick it. Having warm and sunny days certainly...

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