Daily Outfit – Aqua Vintage Pop

  Melbourne is grey, freezing and full of an army of commuters in black. True to form I’m going against the grain with today’s outfit. With my current obsession for all things pastel, I went hunting in the wardrobe and uncovered this amazing 1960′s crimpolene swing coat. A tricky piece to wear as it can...

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Marie Antoinette Does Colour Blocking

~Daily Outfit Inspirations ~ ~Marie Antoinette Does Colour Blocking~ Sometime I like to put a whole new twist on my vintage dressing. Sometimes it’s less about the clothes themselves but about the stories I create with them, and the characters that emerge. Upon receiving an delightful invitation in my inbox for an occasion of...

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Daily Outfit – Black Tie

Apr 11, 11 Daily Outfit – Black Tie

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The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that I had my hair cut last week. In fact I had rather a lot cut off, about 20cm all up. Having shorter hair makes it much more versatile for lots of different vintage hairstyles, especially 50′s sets.  But today isn’t so much about my hair but about a simple, inexpensive...

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What to Wear for Valentines Day – some romantic outfit inspirations

Valentines Day is only really just starting to take off as a ‘holiday’ in Australia. For many years it has passed on my calendar with relative silence as Mr SKM and I like to try and do nice things for each other all through the year, without having to have a special day for it. But the project planner in me also loves...

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How to Develop Unique Style

Image by The Dirty Story on Flickr A good T.V series always hangs on not only a good plot but also the dynamism of its characters. We want to live vicariously through their adventures and indiscretions, to love one and hate another.  And just in the way writers build an unforgettable T.V Show, that is how you build a memorable...

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Daily Outfit – Vintage Tartan

Today was High Tea day and the very first High Tea I’ve ever taken Miss 6 to.  It was cold, wet, dark and windy; so the outfits needed to be warm and chic to fight off the urge to stay home under a blanket.  Miss 6 wore a little red pinafore with scottie dogs on it in keeping with the tartan / Scottish theme.  I also realised...

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Swank, Sparkle and far more than just Shoe Clips!

May 03, 10 Swank, Sparkle and far more than just Shoe Clips!

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The other week I received my first pair of shoe clips.  I’ve tried my hand at (dodgy) DIY versions before as I loved the idea of these versatile accessories, but had never looked into finding some specifically built for the job. And let me tell you, this is a VERY exciting style moment! *Disclosure* – Yes, Emmersen sent...

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Fabulous New Vintage Finds for April

Apr 13, 10 Fabulous New Vintage Finds for April

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I tried to put myself on a shopping ban, but who am I kidding?! With a new friend in town it is my duty to show her the lay of the land and suss out all the local op shops and my favorite vintage stores.  With a little bit of cash in our pockets and our eco-friendly carry bags, we set off to make a day of it and a number of gems...

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