How to Develop Unique Style

Image by The Dirty Story on Flickr A good T.V series always hangs on not only a good plot but also the dynamism of its characters. We want to live vicariously through their adventures and indiscretions, to love one and hate another.  And just in the way writers build an unforgettable T.V Show, that is how you build a memorable...

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The Kaleidoscopic World of Accessories

Sep 24, 10 The Kaleidoscopic World of Accessories

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Do you have a formula for how you accessorise your outfits each day? Is it just down to necessities, current trends, mood or colours? When I see a woman who has put as much thought into her accessories as she has into her outfit, it always blows me away.   More often than not, even bothering to do their hair is seen as too much for...

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Westfield Insider Challenge

Sponsored by Nuffnang. Hold onto your hats Ladies and Gentlemen, because this may be just about the most exciting opportunity you’ll read about this year! Last week Westfield and Nuffnang contacted me about helping them to find a very special person. A Fashion loving, tech savvy, bargain hunting maestro! A once in a lifetime...

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Daily Outfit – Western Kawaii

Today I was feeling a little bit country, a little bit cute.  A kinda glamorous Hillbilly vibe if you will.  Here’s what happened… Outfit Details Jacket – Angel Sissi Shirt – Route 66 Skirt – Fan Plus Friend Shoes –...

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Imagine a New Wardrobe

How do you challenge yourself as you develop your personal style? When we have a very clear cut style or even find ourselves flowing with the tide of trends, it can be hard to look outside our narrow vision and find wardrobe inspiration that is truly our own. Last night I kicked back and watched The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus,...

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Spring Style Inspirations & Their Soundtracks!

It is that time of year again. The weather is still miserable, the wind still bites, but I’ll be darned if I’ll give in to it. I’m already yearning for the sun on my (sunscreen protected) skin and a scotch in hand, while the days get longer and the parties start to arrive. This is the same time of year I get...

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Come To “The Stylist Says” Workshop With Me!

Aug 11, 10 Come To “The Stylist Says” Workshop With Me!

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Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is fast approaching and I have so much to tell you about that in the next day or two. However, today’s big news is that Celebrity Stylist Philip Boon, is hosting an exclusive workshop featuring a panel of industry heavyweights. And I have ONE GOLDEN TICKET to give away! Who wants to be my date...

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Daily Outfit – Vintage Tartan

Today was High Tea day and the very first High Tea I’ve ever taken Miss 6 to.  It was cold, wet, dark and windy; so the outfits needed to be warm and chic to fight off the urge to stay home under a blanket.  Miss 6 wore a little red pinafore with scottie dogs on it in keeping with the tartan / Scottish theme.  I also realised...

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Are You A Femme Fatale?

Sunday was an exciting day for smart, independent, feminine women here in Australia. It was the big launch of the brand new Femme Fatale magazine!  Captained by Danielle Vecchio – Editor Extraordinaire, Femme Fatale is for women, by women. It is about being in control of your own destiny, shaping your life the way you want,...

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Bike’s are Cool!

Jun 18, 10 Bike’s are Cool!

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A little while back I was heading for a day out with friends, when one of them arrived to the venue on a push bike. Nothing so amazing about that you may think, but here is the awesome bit. Not only did she look super chic, but she was wearing a stealth helmet that actually looked fantastic!  It may sound a bit superficial but one...

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