How to Donate to The Philippines

Nov 14, 13 How to Donate to The Philippines

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It was only a few short weeks ago that my house consisted of a stone and palm frond hut, on a beach in an island in the Philippines. While we sat watching the sun rise over the water, the news of the earthquake in Cebu came through. Friends and family checked in on our Facebook pages, glad to hear we were unaffected. As we returned...

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My Message in a Bottle

Today I’m writing to you from my current location, before I return to Melbourne in a couple of days time. For the last week, I’ve been ensconced on a small and remote island in South East Asia. I’m here to research, read, and write.  I am three planes, one bus and a long boat ride away from home. I have sporadic dial up speed...

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Aug 27, 13 Home!

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Leaving Bangkok with a rather large amount of luggage. Hello my fabulous friends!! I’m finally back in Melbourne and in the arms of my sweet sweet internet! Thank you so much for all your letters and comments over the past few weeks. It’s been so tricky trying to get posts up here but as you’ve seen on my...

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Daily Outfit- floating around

Aug 18, 13 Daily Outfit- floating around

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Today’s outfit is one of my favourite finds of the week. I came across a store that not only had designs I like, but ones that fit!! Considering that my measurements generally make me a Large to Extra Large here, off the rack isn’t always an option. (Mind you, if I lived here I think I’d be thin as a pin in no...

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Daily outfit. Exploring shopping in Bangkok

Aug 15, 13 Daily outfit. Exploring shopping in Bangkok

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It is the little things I love about Bangkok. The things that so many tourists either find frustrating or miss completely. Take the malls for instance; I could easily spend a week here just exploring the nuances of each one. The Thai’s, and indeed most Asian countries, have superior style of visual merchandising rarely seen...

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New Vintage Style Looks for your next Summer Vacation

Aug 05, 13 New Vintage Style Looks for your next Summer Vacation

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Finding the perfect travel outfit is one of our never ending joys as fashion lovers. We want something that has a holiday feel, travels well, mixes and matches, as well as keeps you feeling chic and stylish no matter the occasion. Pre-planning my holiday wardrobe is a bit of an indulgence for me, and one I thoroughly enjoy....

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The Geelong Vintage Market & My New Photographer

Jul 05, 13 The Geelong Vintage Market & My New Photographer

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Today’s post is a rather special ‘guest post’, from my newest photographer. It is currently school holidays here in Melbourne and Miss Nine has been dying to practice her photography skills and show them off here. So when we headed to Geelong for a spot of shopping at the Geelong Vintage Market, she was all too...

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Even more Glamorous Adventures on the Peninsula

Following up on the beginning of our Blogger Girls Weekend Away, this is where we get even more indulgent. After our lavish evening of cocktails, pasta and gossip; we attempted to get an early night (midnight  ehhhmmm…) as we had to be up early for yoga. I’ll admit, I was a bit miffed at the idea of doing yoga as the...

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A Glamorous Weekend Away on the Penninsula

May 09, 13 A Glamorous Weekend Away on the Penninsula

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A Girls Weekend Away may be the very definition of luxury. A Blogger Girls Weekend Away, may be even more so.  If you’re not a blogger or some other form of internet addict, it may be hard to understand what it is like for that person in your group who is always busy posting status updates at the start of every meal. As...

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Fun with Felix in The Alley

Oh the joy of a hidden gem! I’ve just arrived home from a weekend away with five other delightful bloggy ladies, on which we treasure hunted, relax and indulged; all on the Mornington Peninsula. Not only did we kick off the weekend with an Op Shopping Odyssey, (to be ‘haul’ posted later) but also came up with so...

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