How to create a craft closet from a built in wardrobe!

Mar 27, 14 How to create a craft closet from a built in wardrobe!

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Today I’m sharing with you how I built my craft space in one day and for under $100! You’ll hear all the details of how we constructed it, where we bought everything and even how all the clever little storage and organisation systems work! There is lots to see, and the video runs for about 10 minutes; so grab a cup of...

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A Brighter Life for Refugees with LED Lighting

Mar 25, 14 A Brighter Life for Refugees with LED Lighting

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Over the last month, Mr. SKM and I have been undertaking some household overhauls. From plastering ceilings to installing new lighting, it may be hard work, but it is a privilege to have a home to work on. While we reevaluated the lighting in our rooms, we came across the latest IKEA campaign that is helping to create a safer...

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Re-Imagining Gone Wild

Mar 03, 14 Re-Imagining Gone Wild

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Barbara Hulanicki Viva Blue Wallpaper It may only be the 3rd of March, but tackling this months #Re2014 project of Re-Imaginining has gone crazy here. Since last week it has been like living on an episode of Changing Rooms. Usually my redesigning ideas for the home are tackled pretty much on my own, but this time, with buy in from...

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Can’t See for Looking

Feb 25, 14 Can’t See for Looking

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I’m always inspired by these beautiful, spacious rooms! (Image source unknown) Does this happen to you? You come home from a holiday away (a week or more) only to walk into your own home and for the first few minutes see it with different eyes. It looks like someone else’s place for a moment. Then all the familiar...

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Jurassic Gardening

Jan 28, 14 Jurassic Gardening

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I’ve never really had much of a green thumb. I do try, I even have a gardening Pinterest board! Perhaps it is just all the sun involved in gardening that puts me off, but historically my efforts have been rather… sporadic. I have a huge garden, but spend very little time doing much with it. I just try and keep it alive,...

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Meet our rescue Guinea Pig family!

Jan 15, 14 Meet our rescue Guinea Pig family!

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Trimming the Christmas Tree with SKM & Hello Kitty

Dec 13, 13 Trimming the Christmas Tree with SKM & Hello Kitty

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Feeling Festive yet? I was so excited to put up my tree this year, after I splashed out last year on all these Hello Kitty decorations. I’d bought a white tree for the occasion last year and the whole room felt like it was day-glo pink!┬áThis year there were varying requests for both the traditional green tree with red...

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Daily Outfit – Walk In The Park

Nov 22, 13 Daily Outfit –  Walk In The Park

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If you were wondering just how far my love of puppies extends, this may give you a pretty big hint. I know quite a few people who’d be super keen to buy a vintage style dress covered in a puppy print; so when I saw a pic of this appear in my Facebook feed I knew I had to have it. Before it even hit the store window at...

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Daily Outfit – Vintage Roses

  Roses are the one flower that bring back the scent of my childhood. When I used to visit my grandmother’s house, her neighbour across the road always had the most incredible rose garden. I remember being able to smell them from across the road. I don’t know if there were actually as many roses as I remember, or...

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A Very Vintage Home

Sep 24, 13 A Very Vintage Home

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What I’m about to talk about may seem entirely ridiculous to you; especially if you are a “normal” person. But if like me, you are vintage obsessed, you’ll totally understand this. ┬áSometimes I just don’t feel my life is retro enough. How cool is this space age home?! I know, I know… this is all...

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