Daily Outfit – Wicked

May 11, 14 Daily Outfit – Wicked

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Last night was a Mother’s Day night out treat for my Mum and I. We headed into the city early for some delicious Pho and green tea ice cream before the rest of of evening spectacular began, and it certainly was spectacular! I wish you could have all been with me at the Regent theatre last night to see the pure perfection that...

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Wicked in OZ – A Special Offer for you!

May 10, 14 Wicked in OZ – A Special Offer for you!

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I’m ridiculously excited to be heading to the opening night Green Carpet event for Wicked in Melbourne tonight!!   Being a ‘theatre geek’ from way back (yes I played in loads of high school musicals), a night out of full on costumed, show tune singing adventure thrills me no end. I can’t believe...

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Supanova 2014 is Super!

Apr 14, 14 Supanova 2014 is Super!

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After several years of missing out on this wondrous event thanks to my schedule, this year I FINALLY GOT TO SUPANOVA! No, I wasn’t able to go the full Cosplay as I wasn’t even sure I could make it until the night before, but I’m so glad we all went!  ‘Sonny’ and Miss 6 were so excited to bust out every...

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Camperdown Cruise Rockabilly Weekend 2013 – What a Trip!

Oct 28, 13 Camperdown Cruise Rockabilly Weekend 2013 – What a Trip!

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We are so spoilt here in Australia. Whether it is Vintage, Rockabilly music or Rock n Roll you’re into; there is so much on offer. With some of the most incredible musical talent and gorgeous little heritage towns to adventure to, it’s easy to create a mini time warp and get lost in the fun. This weekend I packed up the...

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The Great Gatsby Opens in Melbourne

Jun 06, 13 The Great Gatsby Opens in Melbourne

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*A nuffnang sponsored post. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard at least some of the hype surrounding the release of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. Everyone has gone 1920’s crazy if the number of finger wave requests I’m getting is anything to go by. Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending Village...

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Dress Up For Great Gatsby. An Outfit Competition

May 29, 13 Dress Up For Great Gatsby. An Outfit Competition

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The Great Gatsby film by Baz opens tomorrow here in Australia! Like everyone else I’m most excited by the costumes in this creation, and will of course, be heading to the opening in theme. And I’ve got good news! Village Cinema want you to get into the spirit of the Great Gatsby and 1920’s fashion and you could win a...

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The Goddess at Mercedes Benz Ladies Day 2013

May 07, 13 The Goddess at Mercedes Benz Ladies Day 2013

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When offered a day of fast cars and fancy women, how could I possibly resist? The Mercedes Benz Ladies Day at the Grand Prix, is an institution; and this year I was fortunate enough to be on the guest list! This year we were treated to an hilarious guest appearance by Magda Szubanski, star of the recently released film Goddess. If...

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Leading Lady – The Course to Glamour, Good Grooming and Deportment

  I am very pleased to officially announce the launch of a brand new and exclusive course to lady like glamour! Over the past two years I’ve had the pleasure of conducting numerous short classes and workshops all across Australia covering various elements of both glamour in general and vintage glamour. The impact of...

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Halloween – Getting Spooky with Super Kawaii Mama

Nov 01, 12 Halloween – Getting Spooky with Super Kawaii Mama

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Some of you will have seen my truly terrifying Halloween outfit last night if you follow my Instagram, but here it is in all it’s tanned scary-ness!   After everyone started saying nice things about it, I decided to make it even a bit trashier and go even bigger on the hair and make it Jersey Shore meets Kardashian...

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Upcoming Vintage Styling Workshops and Makeup Classes in Melbourne and Brisbane!

Well it is almost the end of June already and for many of you the winter blues have started to set in. It happens every year and for me the best way to deal with these is by planning a fabulous Spring. That means not only all the fabulous spring coloured wardrobe choices, but giving the old hair and make up a bit of a shake up....

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