Thrifty Fashionista Market at Westfield

This Saturday APRIL 12th at Westfield Southland, something incredibly cool is happening! The Thrifty Fashionista Market! Like me, many of you are die hard, second-hand shopaholics. We love nothing more than bargain hunting, up-cycling, revamping and mix ‘n’ matching all day long.  Sometimes this means trekking all over town over...

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My Little Mori Girl

Today’s Daily Outfit is a special guest appearance.  Channeling the warm, earthy tones and layered styles of the Japanese Mori Girl fashion, my own little Mori Girl is heading off shopping  today. This look isn’t about brands, but about warm muted tones, layering, open knits and weaves, all coming together to create a...

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Insanely Cute Fashion I Want Right Now!

Mar 21, 14 Insanely Cute Fashion I Want Right Now!

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I don’t actually need anything new, but you know how it is when you come across super cute things that just really make you squee..  I just had to share these super cute and inexpensive finds so you could share my joy! (and if you do, know that all purchases my be shown off for bragging purposes) A Rainbow Little Pony...

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Pretty Casual- Daily Outfit

Mar 12, 14 Pretty Casual- Daily Outfit

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They are super casual days around here at the moment, as I’m still focused on my redecorating projects. But super casual doesn’t have to mean super dull, and glitter always dresses up the place. Today’s outfit is a slouchy blush coloured top with stretchy denim jeans and hot pink Melissa flats! Yes, I’m...

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A Question of Style. 12 months of Selfies.

Mar 11, 14 A Question of Style. 12 months of Selfies.

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Sometimes I get so tired of looking at myself. That feeling when you look in the wardrobe and you’ve seen it all before. When I put on my makeup and just think, “ho hum..” I’ve been feeling that seasonal style malaise again this last month, coming on like clockwork as it does each year. I suppose that is one...

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Winning at a Wardrobe Makeover

Feb 17, 14 Winning at a Wardrobe Makeover

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When was the last time you gave your wardrobe a serious makeover? Not the kind that has you going out to buy new stuff, but taking a good hard look at what you have. I suffer from a serious first world affliction; the weight and anxiety that comes from having too much ‘stuff’. Why we have this constant need to...

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Retro Picnic Style

Feb 10, 14 Retro Picnic Style

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  When you often work from home, stepping outside for a brief spot of tea in the woods is a great treat.  My tea thermos gets a good workout in summer and winter; this week its perfect for iced tea treats. The outfit itself is all, once again, recycled finds. I went out looking for pieces in this particular shade of green to...

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Daily Outfit- Summer Days

Feb 04, 14 Daily Outfit- Summer Days

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So it is 43 degrees celsius and I’m headed to the country to work on a wedding all day. It has been hot, hot hot here! Each day presents a new dressing challenge, but with a simple up do and the coolness of floaty chiffon, I’m good to go. Today’s outfit is super simple, but I absolutely love this drip style, faux...

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Daily Outfit – Feeling a Little Lucy

Jan 21, 14 Daily Outfit – Feeling a Little Lucy

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Sometimes it happens that you put an outfit on and something happens; a character just appears. Today was one such day. I had no intention of dressing with a certain person in mind, but the moment I finished my hair and looked in the full length mirror, something happened; Lucy appeared!   Outfit Details Plaid Shirt worn as a...

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Daily Outfit – Sunday Style

Jan 13, 14 Daily Outfit – Sunday Style

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This week marks back to work time for me; back in the studio, the salon and back behind the camera too. With today being the last mild day before the predicted heat wave, I chose a simple outfit for my first day back with Helen McLean Photography. And wouldn’t you know it, she’s been playing around creating new sets for...

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