A Very Hello Kitty Christmas!

Dec 01, 12 A Very Hello Kitty Christmas!

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This is the year I realise a dream. With a little Miss 5 and a Miss 8 around, there has never been a better time to indulge a girlhood dream of having my very own Hello Kitty Pink Christmas Tree! Usually I’m quite traditional about my tree, hanging ornaments I’ve been collecting over a lifetime and adding to them each...

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Daily Outfit – Ballerina Style

Nov 23, 12 Daily Outfit – Ballerina Style

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       A beautiful sunny day in Melbourne and it’s off to work at the salon again today, before heading out to take Miss 8 to a friends birthday party. And for my “It’s Friday” treat to myself, I took a moment for a cup of tea from this gorgeous vintage Royal Albert China complete with a dark...

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A Very Kwerkee Day!

Oct 25, 12 A Very Kwerkee Day!

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*Super Kawaii Mama received this great box of surprises as a gift from Kwerkee* When was the last time you received a surprise in the mail? A real genuinely unexpected surprise that left you squealing and doing a happy dace, (if you’re that kind of person). For me, it was just last week! A great big box, tied with string, arrived...

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A Vintage Valentines Tutorial – DIY Romantic Sleeping Mask

Feb 03, 12 A Vintage Valentines Tutorial – DIY Romantic Sleeping Mask

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I love my sleeping masks. They are my secret to successful daytime naps, as rare as they are, and also do a marvellous job at securely holding those much needed eye cooling gels.  I always love the way the romantic heroine awakes in bed and peers from beneath those satin hoods. Most memorable to me is the divine Auntie Mame who...

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The Fashion for Angry Birds – And I don’t mean Hitchock’s!

Before I begin, let me just say I really didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. I’d never played Angry Birds but my girls do, and like everyone else I spoken to who has; they are obsessed! Suddenly, this game that has not yet stolen away a portion of my life, is everywhere I look.  Hats, back packs, toys,...

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Hot Digital Dog, I’m Excited!

Apr 19, 11 Hot Digital Dog, I’m Excited!

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I just right this minute discovered Hot Digital Dog and I’m squealing with so much excitement (as is Miss 6 beside me), that I had to show you these right now! In one of those wonderful random moments of internet searches I came across the work of digital artist Cindy Jerrell. Hailing from the deep south of the USA,...

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