Supanova 2014 is Super!

Apr 14, 14 Supanova 2014 is Super!

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After several years of missing out on this wondrous event thanks to my schedule, this year I FINALLY GOT TO SUPANOVA! No, I wasn’t able to go the full Cosplay as I wasn’t even sure I could make it until the night before, but I’m so glad we all went!  ’Sonny’ and Miss 6 were so excited to bust out every...

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Halloween – Getting Spooky with Super Kawaii Mama

Nov 01, 12 Halloween – Getting Spooky with Super Kawaii Mama

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Some of you will have seen my truly terrifying Halloween outfit last night if you follow my Instagram, but here it is in all it’s tanned scary-ness!   After everyone started saying nice things about it, I decided to make it even a bit trashier and go even bigger on the hair and make it Jersey Shore meets Kardashian...

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Halloween Costume Planning. What do YOU Think I Should Wear?

Oct 19, 12 Halloween Costume Planning. What do YOU Think I Should Wear?

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It is very un-Australian of me, but I love Halloween. I think that stems more from the fact that I’ll take any chance to get dressed up than anything else.  I’ve been Alice in Wonderland, a Zombie Rabbit, A Vegas Showgirl; all manner of things. This year I want to do something different and have come up with a few...

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Grace Kelly Style Exhibition at the Bendigo Gallery

The remarkable V&A and Grimaldi Forum exhibition Grace Kelly: Style Icon, has just touched down here in Australia. Officially opening on the 11th March, I was fortunate to be invited to an exclusive preview of this beautiful collection yesterday afternoon. Presented by John Kelly (Nephew to Princess Grace), Kristina Haugland,...

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A Retro Pinup How to for Halloween – Cute Cheerleader!

It’s my super cute look number two for Halloween! Outfit It just so happened that on a previous trip to Texas, I’d stumbled across this cool authentic cheerleaders outfit. I’d had it stored away for a special occasion, and wouldn’t you know it; it’s just perfect for Bonnie Rose – it even has a...

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A Vintage Pin Up How To for Halloween – Super Cute Witch!

Happy Halloween! – Well almost.. I’m actually on top of my Halloween planning this year and as a result I have THREE, yes count them 3 big Halloween pinup look tutorials for you!  The first of these is my classic Halloween Witch look, shot here with my Some Fancy Ladies™ team. I wanted to create something classic,...

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The Pinup Photography Dream Team – Oh Yeah!

But firstly….. Thank you for all the input on the last post. I have a HUGE follow up coming for you in a few days when I’ve finished putting it all together. You’ll love it! Extra … Extra… Read all about it! Vintage Pinup Photography just got better! I can hardly contain my excitement when I tell you...

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The Love Vintage Fair in Melbourne – The Best Dressed

What a treat last weekend was! Everyone came out in well dressed droves to attend the very first Melbourne leg of the Love Vintage Fair. On Friday night I played hostess to one of my favourite moments, as I had the privileged of comparing the Best Dressed in Vintage parade and awards. Thanks to my wonderful photographer Karen at...

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Showing Melbourne how 50′s is done

The last few weeks have been a couple of the biggest and busiest I’ve had in a very long time. December is flying past in a blur and I’m only just today beginning to think about Christmas. I’m kind of surprised my body has managed to keep up the pace what with all the working, partying and coming in at dawn.....

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I’m so Rock n Roll I should be in Jail!

Ha ha! Nah, not really.. but I thought I was about time I got my act together and told you all why I’ve been doing all this travelling about the country of late and why my postings have been a tad sporadic.  I’ve been working with The Ultimate Rock n Roll Jam Session on their national tour! ( You may remember me meeting...

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