5 Beautiful Vintage Blogs to get you inspired!

  Time to refresh your readers and add some new eye candy from all over the vintage world! We love our world wide vintage community! Whether it is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any manner of other forums; we all end up knowing each other one way or another. It’s so funny to watch as pieces get swapped and styled by...

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Featured Blog of the Week – Zsa Zsa Bellagio

Nov 10, 12 Featured Blog of the Week – Zsa Zsa Bellagio

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Back before there was Tumblr or Pinterest, we used to go looking for blogs that were a fabulous personal scrap book of inspirational images. (Geez that makes blogging sound relatively prehistoric!) Many of my favourite blogs where ones where I had no idea if the author was male or female, spoke english or where they lived. This was...

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It’s Time- The All New & Improved Super Kawaii Mama blog!

Nov 05, 12 It’s Time- The All New & Improved Super Kawaii Mama blog!

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Finally, after months and months of work, I have an all new way to bring you my blog!! As you’ll see I’m back to wearing my glasses after endless hours in front of the screen, but it was so worth it! ¬†This is the first stage of all the fab new things I’m making for you, and I’m still spending my nights going...

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Thank You!

Oct 16, 12 Thank You!

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Since I started blogging back in 2007, this has been one amazing journey. I first hit publish back when I’d had my second baby and felt like an island out here on a suburban couch. I had no idea what to expect and really had very little idea what blogs really were, but quickly we found each other and I knew there was more...

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New Adventures

Mar 27, 12 New Adventures

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I’m finally back and conscious after a huge long weekend working in Sydney for the Love Vintage Show & Sale. This is the beginning of a national tour of Vintage Master Classes for me so it has been SUPER busy, hence the radio silence. I had the pleasure of meeting several readers who attended the classes and I always...

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Looking Back… and looking forward.

I’ve finally reached the half way mark in my studio redecorating project, and while I’m yet to pick out (and save up for) the perfect desk, I do have my “frog vomit green” carpet installed. Slowly but surely I am making my way through the boxes and boxes of extraneous bits and pieces that I need to get rid...

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Hello 2012! Starting off the year with a bit of a rambling vlog..


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Goodbye 2011 – I’m ready for the new model!

Dec 31, 11 Goodbye 2011 – I’m ready for the new model!

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 2011 has been one of the biggest and most demanding years of my life to date. There have been a lot of highs and indeed, lows as well. The year started off with a fabulous trip to Thailand and Singapore. Kicking back, enjoying numerous Happy Hours, visiting the zoo and loads of shopping. With Dweam shopping in Singapore, and with...

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Housekeeping & Important Announcements

Yeah a headline like that is guaranteed not to get you read.. but anyway, I think it’s important to keep you up to date with all the goings on here, especially as I occasionally disappear for a bit now and then. Right’o, so first up there’s Facebook stuff. FaceBook – I finally bit the bullet and went ahead...

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SKM in Pictures – The Fan Art Showcase

Jul 08, 11 SKM in Pictures – The Fan Art Showcase

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My readers are such a lovely and talented bunch! All the little notes and messages I received are read with pleasure and greatly appreciated. It seems that many of you are fantastic creatives in your own right. I know there are a number of musicians, tattoo artists, graphic designers, wordsmiths, and crafters who all read this...

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