"I'm Candice DeVille, author of Super Kawaii Mama; a six year old blog dedicated to inspiring vintage glamour for a 21st century life. I'm all about fighting the malaise of the mass market through glamour, creativity and a sense of humour; in every situation. 

Professionally I write, model, style hair & makeup, and present; then come home to my two little girls, husband, dogs and a never ending sense of adventure. Growing up I always wanted to be both a journalist and an archeologist, (oh and Wonder Woman), so surprisingly my life has turned out to be a combination of all these things. I love to connect with people's journey through fashion and the way it so often reflects their philosophy on life; both in the past and the present.

I'm often asked if I could have lived any time in history when would it be? Unexpectedly, I would only choose now; the 21st century and all the wonder and opportunities for connecting to the world as a whole. Because underneath it all, we all want the same things.  My role is to help translate the style language of the past, the present, and give us a new and inspiring vocabulary for the future." - Candice

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About the Super Kawaii Mama blog

Super Kawaii Mama is Australia's leading vintage lifestyle and fashion blog, internationally recognised as a leader in it's field.

Begun by Candice DeVille in February 2008 as way to share her unique sense of style and life perspective, SKM has grown to become a place for everyone seeking glamorous style inspiration outside the mainstream. The name itself, came from Candice’s enduring love of all things "Kawaii" (Japanese for cute) and as a mama to two gorgeous daughters, finding ways to express her colourful and unique sense of vintage style. Knowing that there was more to joy to be had than living in just jeans and tee's, Candice set out on a journey to bring you a glimpse into her glamorous everyday wardrobe and stylish adventures.

A 2010 finalist as Best Fashion Blog for the Asia Pacific region and recently (2012) named by Ragtrader magazine as one of the Top 4 most influential fashion and style blogs in Australia, Super Kawaii Mama is growing from strength to strength.

With her passion and expertise for vintage fashion and the suave styles of times past, you’ll find Super Kawaii Mama is a treasure trove of resources and inspiration that will enrich both your wardrobe and your life with their charm. Bringing vintage fashion flawlessly into the 21st Century with style and a sense of humour, Super Kawaii Mama brings you news, reviews and and a sharp education on the language of fashion.

Super Kawaii Mama has come to represent a whole new breed of fashionistas, bored with the offerings of the mass market and looking for a way to become a more vibrant and better version of their stylistic selves. This is not just another blog about clothes, but about the role fashion plays in defining your sense of self.

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About Candice DeVille

Candice DeVille is Australia's premiere vintage fashion stylist, model and blogger.

After studying Arts at Melbourne university, whilst moon lighting as a model, Candice began her career as a Paralegal. She quickly discovered that her undying passion for vintage style needed an outlet and took a sharp change of direction. Building her hands on styling skills under the tutelage of retired experts and a personal devotion to the golden years of glamour, she went on to study Fashion Design and Business.

After many years working in corporate marketing and fashion business, now in her mid thirties with two small children to care for, she took her career down a new path; building a life that allowed her to indulge her life long passion for vintage. Now internationally recognised as Australia’s leading vintage stylist and model; Candice travels regularly, speaking, teaching and helping to transform the world into a more classically glamourous place.