Retro Picnic Style

Vintage picnic outfit 1 Retro Picnic Style


When you often work from home, stepping outside for a brief spot of tea in the woods is a great treat.  My tea thermos gets a good workout in summer and winter; this week its perfect for iced tea treats.

The outfit itself is all, once again, recycled finds. I went out looking for pieces in this particular shade of green to see what I could put together. It’s not a colour I usually wear, so sometimes it’s fun to create a little challenge and see how you can make it work. Silk and linen blends make all the difference and this blouse was a fantastic find. My very vintage anodised picnic cup set however, have been on my Wish List for ages as they are often quite expensive. I was thrilled to find this complete set in a local antique store for only $11. But one tip though; don’t use them for HOT tea!


. Vintage picnic outfit 2 Retro Picnic Style Vintage picnic outfit 3 Retro Picnic Style Vintage picnic outfit 4 Retro Picnic Style Vintage picnic outfit 5 Retro Picnic Style Vintage picnic outfit 6 Retro Picnic Style Vintage picnic outfit 7 Retro Picnic Style

pixel Retro Picnic Style
 Retro Picnic Style
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 Retro Picnic Style
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  1. That is legitimately one of my favorite outfits I’ve seen recently. It is FANTASTIC. And there’s nothing better than a tea or coffee set to make myself feel like I’m really living in style.

  2. I just adore this outfit on you! Super for a picnic, P x

  3. How lovely and sweet! I yearn to have a picnic in Central Park! Must do it this year! xox

  4. I adore that outfit from head to toe! You look just stunning! Golly, I wish the weather was picnic-appropriate where I am.

    Jenny recently posted..Fashionable Men Folk: Peter O’Toole

  5. Oh, I love this outfit! It is simple but adorable and I especially love the pants skirt (it looks like a pant skirt?) and the shoes!



  6. Oh how I remember those anodized cups, my grandparents had some and they lived in the glove box for all those picnics we had as kids. I’m not quite sure what happened to them but I’ve been looking for a set myself also. Candice do your cups have the leather holder to keep them in. ?
    Michelle Lisle recently posted..Sharing Recipes……

    • Michelle: Yes, they sure do. With that tricky metal zipper as well. :)

    • JessB /

      My parents had a set of these too, also in a leather holder! But ours had a snap closure. Just like you, I wonder what happened to them. I also remember many wonderful picnics, sharing food and drinks, and lots of laughs.

  7. I haven’t been on a picnic forever. I think one is due for spring. Love the soft green.

  8. Well don’t you look glamorous?! Gorgeous look!

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