Daily Outfit- Summer Days

Summer Days Outfit 1 Daily Outfit  Summer Days

So it is 43 degrees celsius and I’m headed to the country to work on a wedding all day. It has been hot, hot hot here! Each day presents a new dressing challenge, but with a simple up do and the coolness of floaty chiffon, I’m good to go.

Today’s outfit is super simple, but I absolutely love this drip style, faux pearl necklace. Sadly it was an unlabelled find in a very small boutique, so I can’t even tell you where to get one. The rest of today’s outfit comes courtesy of emergency summer shopping at Savers, and set me back a whole $7! Cool price for some super hot days. icon wink Daily Outfit  Summer Days

Summer Days Outfit 2 Daily Outfit  Summer Days Summer Days Outfit 3 Daily Outfit  Summer Days Summer Days Outfit 4 Daily Outfit  Summer Days

I’m looking forward to some cooler days, not just so I don’t feel like we are living in Satan’s circle, but so I can actually break out some of my more fitted 50′s summer look. It has given me a very good excuse to get behind the sewing machine and make some of my original patterns in light weight cotton voile. But right now, anything light and breezy that doesn’t require turning an iron on is winning!

How are you and your wardrobe surviving the heat wave  (or the big freeze on the other side of the globe)?


pixel Daily Outfit  Summer Days
 Daily Outfit  Summer Days
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 Daily Outfit  Summer Days
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  1. Hi Candice, yes dressing for this hot weather is always a challenge isn’t it. ? For me it’s been lots of skirts and my trusty capri’s and Lots of time spent in my bathers and Beach dress. As I’m still breastfeeding it’s tricky to wear my gorgeous 50s halter dresses as they require a strapless bra and wires are a no no while breastfeeding, hence I’m looking at a full skirt and top for this weather. It’s funny you mentioned printed voile as I’ve been looking at some myself lately and spotlight have some gorgeous prints in. I’d love to know what you’d be making from voile. ? I hope it cools down for you soon xo
    Michelle Lisle recently posted..Itchy Feet……

  2. That is swelteringly, incredibly warm – I’ve felt that temperature a few times (particularly during one especially harsh heatwave several years ago when we were living in Toronto) and will never, ever forget it (it’s more memorable the opposite, -40, which I’ve felt as well).

    You look so very stylish, lovely and as though you’re beyond the heat’s wrath here.

    Fingers crossed the temps drop really soon for you!
    ? Jessica
    Jessica Cangiano recently posted..To parents of little girls who love wearing poodle skirts

  3. Sandy Dee /

    You are a woman after my own heart Candice – you look wonderful and it all cost $7. Being beautiful does help, but it shows how great you can look with an educated eye for a bargain and perfect grooming.

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