Trimming the Christmas Tree with SKM & Hello Kitty

SKM Hello Kitty Christmas tree 3web Trimming the Christmas Tree with SKM & Hello Kitty

Feeling Festive yet? I was so excited to put up my tree this year, after I splashed out last year on all these Hello Kitty decorations. I’d bought a white tree for the occasion last year and the whole room felt like it was day-glo pink!┬áThis year there were varying requests for both the traditional green tree with red trimmings, and a repeat of last year’s kitsch. Instead, I decided the straddle the fence and bring my pink and mauve Hello Kitty theme to the large traditional green tree. No, I don’t have a real one after a very dramatic run in with a spider saw it all come crashing down with much screaming and splintering of ornaments.

SKM Xmas outfit 1 web Trimming the Christmas Tree with SKM & Hello Kitty

Being unseasonable chilly means that I haven’t yet been able to wear any of the rather tropical ensembles I’ve had planned for December, instead opting for cashmere sweaters. My tree trimming outfit also had to fit the theme of the day, so I chose to pair my ruby red with a teal blue green for a slightly more sophisticated version of the traditional palette.

SKM Xmas outfit 2 web Trimming the Christmas Tree with SKM & Hello Kitty


Outfit Details

Teal cashmere vintage sweater – Camperdown vintage store find

Ruby red, box pleat skirt – ASOS

Christmas themed brooches – Savers for 99c

Christmas themed enamel earrings – Avon (circa 2000)

Red velvet hair bow – Bangkok mall find

Lipstick – MAC Ruby Woo

Red suede 1950′s style heels – Singapore department store (Oh how I wish I’d bought more than 3 pairs!)

SKm xmas outfit tree trimming Trimming the Christmas Tree with SKM & Hello Kitty


Like many of you who are that mix of control freak / creative type; I like to involve the family in tree trimming. However, I’ve been slowly teaching my girls about ‘editing’, and explaining how we don’t have to use everything in the boxes. We pick a colour theme and stick with it. Then we move on to learning about balance and branch loading. Now, at 6 and 9 respectively, they have quite a good handle on putting a tree together, grouping and creating their own little Christmas themed vignettes in their bedrooms.

No matter how happy and relaxed we like to be at Christmas, we all have our little systems of getting through it and those things that just have to be done the right way.  So its time to confess, what is your Christmas Control Freak moment?

pixel Trimming the Christmas Tree with SKM & Hello Kitty
 Trimming the Christmas Tree with SKM & Hello Kitty
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 Trimming the Christmas Tree with SKM & Hello Kitty
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  1. Ha! I was only last night telling my husband that I am dreading future christmas’ when our currently 1 year old son will want to help decorate the tree. I thought my solution was perfect – just like christmas eve when santa sneaks in and leaves presents, on the 1st of december the christmas elves come and leave a beautiful christmas tree while everyone is sleeping!
    My husband is still not convinced…

  2. What a gorgeoue outfit @ and love your tree decorations too!

  3. Mishelle Young /

    My solution for my son was to get him his own mini Christmas Tree for his bedroom – that way he could decorate it in any way he wanted & I could ‘adjust’ the main tree once he went to sleep. My ‘baby’ is now 21 & still none the wiser!

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