How to DIY 1920′s Authentic Finger Waves on yourself!

1920 fingerwave hair tutorial bw web e1356656875231 How to DIY 1920s Authentic Finger Waves on yourself!

Today’s tutorial is my most complex, time consuming tutorial to date. I’m not going to sugar coat it, because I don’t want you to have unrealistic expectations that this is an easy one. I’ve been asked to create a 1920′s authentic finger wave hair tutorial by many of you for a long time now, and I’ve hesitated to do it. But I know many of you want to try your hand at creating that amazing Great Gatsby style hair, so strap yourselves in for this Christmas special!

1920s Fingerwaves tutorial head shot bw web e1356657167871 How to DIY 1920s Authentic Finger Waves on yourself!

pixel How to DIY 1920s Authentic Finger Waves on yourself!
 How to DIY 1920s Authentic Finger Waves on yourself!
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Candice DeVille

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 How to DIY 1920s Authentic Finger Waves on yourself!
Even more!

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  1. Looks fabulous, and worth the time to do. I did the make up last week so I may try the hair this week. I hope when you went out with the pins in you wore a scarf ! Love the dressing gown too.

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Jaede: Actually I decided to give everyone a real thrill and went without a scarf at all! Fabulously fun! ;)

  2. I bet you did give the onlookers a thrill ! Did you have many silly questions ?

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Jaede: Surprisingly no. I’m either a familiar sight around here to locals, or too terrifying for others I think! ;)

  3. I need to be more terrifying ! Ha

  4. Great video Candice :)

    I haven’t done this hairstyle in a very long time & now you’ve got me wondering if it would be too much to go dressed up 1920′s style to the Great Gatsby movie … we could start a trend!

    Your video reminded me of the method taught by my grandmother to put a duck bill clip in every curve, so you curve the hair forward & put a clip that goes from the back to the front & the then vice versa when you style in the other direction. This does use twice as many clips but I’ve always found it necessary to use double the clips for my think unruly hair!

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Mish: I totally agree! I’ve been dressing quite extra super vintage (if that’s a term!), over Summer as it is so cool. Today’s look is a late 20′s with a floaty top and coullotes.

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