A Celebration Giveaway Competition!!

Yay! To celebrate the launch of this brand new blog redesign, I have a special competition for you! I’ve put together a special gift basket of pieces I love and use almost every day for one of you to WIN!

SKM Giveaway basket A Celebration Giveaway Competition!!

Yes, you could win all this booty valued at over $250 AUD!

  SKM Giveaway basket Beseme Red lipstick A Celebration Giveaway Competition!!

A Besame vintage style lipstick in the shade of your choice. I stock the Besame range in the salon and wear it all the time. The pigment is excellent, so the colour stays strong and the gold cases are to die for!

SKM Giveaway basket Sweet pins stockings and tights A Celebration Giveaway Competition!!

A BRILLIANT selection of Pretty Polly stockings and tights from Sweet Pins! I absolutely swear by these for everyday wear!

SKM Giveaway basket luxuriant voucher A Celebration Giveaway Competition!!

A $40 gift voucher from Luxuriant for the headpiece of your choice!

SKM Giveaway basketsculpture pin curler A Celebration Giveaway Competition!!

An authentic vintage reproduction Sculpture Pin Curler! Authentic right down to the packaging, this beauty comes with two pin curling tools that are super easy to use and fail safe! It also comes with the most gorgeous instruction manual to help you figure out just how to get those amazing sets of the 1940s and 1950s! I also keep these in the salon and they are amazing – perfect pin curls with no heat required!

How to enter

The competition is opening to everyone, you don’t even have to be over 18, and no matter where you live I’ll post this to the winner! All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post telling me what we’d do if we had the chance to spend a day together. The most creative entry wins! So don’t wait; you have until Tuesday 20th November, 5pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time to get your entry in.

pixel A Celebration Giveaway Competition!!
 A Celebration Giveaway Competition!!
Even more!

Candice DeVille

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 A Celebration Giveaway Competition!!
Even more!

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  1. We would have a glamorous day together!
    You would style my hair and make-up so we would look fabulous for our day of vintage shopping.

    We would wear the most beautiful, extravagant 1950s gowns to walk around the city (of course I would fly from Sydney to Melbourne to hang out with you). I would bake a variety of sweet treats, served with fresh berries and rosehip tea.

    I just imagine the day to be full of pretty things, fun and someone who would actually want to spend the day talking about vintage fashion and culture… As my friends don’t hold an interest this. Oh, this would be my dream day!

    We would watch a couple of our favourite films, mine would be Rear Window, Double Indemnity and His Girl Friday.

    It would also be really fun to make a stop motion film showcasing many vintage outfits to remember the day by!
    Kayla recently posted..Photos of my Grandma (1950s) – Part 1

  2. Vicki Kate /

    Are you up for a bit of international travel?
    We’d meet in the centre of London. This isn’t a city (despite being my country’s capital!) that I know too well so we’d spend the morning exploring the lanes, shopping for vintage and the unusual, soaking up the architecture and atmosphere. Following our feet and seeing where they take us!
    Lunch would be an ‘afternoon tea’ style afair in one of the great and grand hotels – the Savoy maybe? Perfect for people watching and conversation. Suitable for a pair of glamourous girls to stop for a short while.
    The afternoon would be the V&A museum for one of their amazing fashion exhibits – at the moment it’s costumes from Hollywood! After a few hours full of inspiration and glamour, it’d be time to explore Selfridges and Harrods and maybe even Hamley’s the toy store.
    Up next, a stop to refresh the makeup and check the hair. Maybe change into a new dress we found in the morning, ready to hit the West End. Find a kitsch diner for dinner and then on to a show!
    Finally, time for cocktails in a bar before saying goodbye and wending our way to where ever is home for the night.

  3. ShesThe1yup /

    wed go for a cup of tea in paris and check out the scenerie (hopefully some nice paris men too lol) and see? all the beautiful sites and yes that could include the shops too :) also we would take ALOT of photos

  4. We would rent a 1931 Daimler Double Six 50 Corsica Drophead Coupe (If that’s even possible) and drive around the beautiful South Island of New Zealand, dressed to the nines and completely inappropriate for what we will be doing – bungy jumping, jet boating and do the Shotover Canyon Swing in Queenstown. We’ll be the best dressed ever to have done all those things (not the best idea to wear nice clothes for these but hey, life is for living!) After the adrenaline rush, we will go to the Onsen hot pools that is situated high on a cliff side to relax, with private pool rooms overlooking gorgeous panoramic views. Then we’ll finish the day off with a visit to the winery for wine tasting and dinner.

  5. We’d have morning tea, watch Gigi [love that film] or Funny Face [I haven't seen it yet]. Then we’d frock up and go out for drinks at Tiki Lounge and Bar.
    Melissa G recently posted..Have to Believe

  6. Ms DeVille,
    If I were to spend a day with you, I envisage a high tea followed by some sort of fairy floss/fair/carnival/hot rod show-esque event, followed by an adventure to some sort of garden/tulip farm (maybe in a hot rod, Bonnie and Clyde style!). I think these environments would allow me to see different sides of your personality. Glamourzon vs comedian.
    I would pick your brain about all things vintage, glamourous and vixen, as well as enjoy a laugh with you! I love the sense of humour you have and how you are happy to mock yourself as well. That takes a strong person to be so comfortable with yourself.
    I would love to even sit and ”online shop” with you and try and steal some tips!
    P.S. I love your blog and am constantly getting fabulous tips/tricks from you. You’re gorgeous and I love how passionate you are about the things you share with us.
    xx Jacqui

  7. We would sleep late like kittens then meet for scones and tea, followed by a spa day for us both then bean bag moon light cinema followed by cocktails and dancing and 2am burgers x

  8. Oh, I would also bake for/with you. I might feel guilty drawing on all of your wisdom without giving something back!!
    xx Jacqui

  9. piaochong /

    Considering I live in China, I would take you to Beijing for a day! I would begin by introducing you to a typical Beijing morning by taking a serene walk through the Temple of Heaven park. Here we can watch the local people in their silk pyjamas do their early morning Taichi, Wushu and Fan dances. Straight after that we would go across the road to the pearl market and find some beautiful strings of pearls and have some Chinese Cheongsam (qipao) or Tang dynasty jackets tailor made for us while we sip famous green teas in a local tea shop.
    After that we will return to the hotel and change into our new dresses!
    At about lunch time, after a small respite, I would love to take you to a traditional Chinese restuarant where i would introduce you to a variety of Chinese traditional dishes followed by a leisurely walk through the Forbidden city palace museum ( where you can see all of the beautiful clothes and traditional bedding worn by the Emporers and Empress’ of China.) we would take lots of beautiful photos around the temple gardens, then, if we weren’t too footsore I would take you on a short metro ride to the Llama temple to see the many different buddha statues and near to there,to visit the modern side of Beijings designers, bloggers and creative artists. At dinner time we could try some of the new style fusion foods in SanLiTun, go traditional with Beijing Duck or try one of the many provincial, rare or strange restuarants in Beijing, Its up to you!

  10. We would have a day of adventure!

    First I would fly you out to my tiny state of Rhode Island. From there we would head to Newport on one of the most sunny and breezy days of the year. We would explore the mansions, specifically Rough Point a Gilded Age Mansion full of wonderful heirlooms once owned by an heiress. We would tour the home and explore the fashion exhibits of treasures once owned by Doris Duke. Of course seeing that we are oh so glamorousm they would offer us the opportunity to try on some of her jewels.

    Then we would do a bit of shopping down by the wharf. And after the exhaustion of having to hold so many shopping bags, we would walk down to the ocean and have a nice lunch overlooking the sea. It would be picturesque, something you would see in a magazine.

    Finally, we would head back into the city of Providence and spend the night dancing and sipping pretty pink drinks!

  11. First of all, I’d make sure I was appropriately dolled up in vintage and beautiful hair (but dressed for cold! Florida is cooling down quickly.) In the town I live in, there’s a little area called Riverside. It’s a very artsy community, and if we went on the right Saturday there is a wonderful farmer’s market with local goods. My favorite is a booth from a woman who hand crafts hats inspired by the 30s-40s with matching scarves. Down the street is a little cafe called the Moose, which is an underrated jewel in my opinion. Wonderful coffee and fantastic breakfast foods. This is in the antique district, as I think it should be called. Surrounding the cafe are five or 6 antique stores, and one shop dedicated to vintage clothing. Each of the antique stores has its own stash of vintage clothing, hats, shoes and gloves tucked away where people rarely go, and two include dressing rooms. I’ve bought more hats, jewelry and gloves here than I can imagine, as well as fueled my 40s scarf obsession. I think spending a chilly morning spent inside the toasty stores whilst browsing through all sorts of bits and bobs of the past eras would be a darling way to hang out.

  12. We would go to London, visit all the vintage shops, try and clothes, have a laugh. Then we would go to the Imperial War Museum and look at the amazing things there, the thing which would be the best part would be the 1940s house, which is the replica house from the TV series ‘The 1940s House’. Then with the new clothes we bought shopping we would go out to a tea dance somewhere dolled up in our new clothes, we could do each others hair and makeup and go dance til the sun comes up! xxx

  13. I’ve always wanted to go to India, the lure of tea, beautiful fabric and street bazaars sings to me, and I think meeting you there for a day of tea, shopping and site seeing would be an experience I’d never forget.

  14. Bethany Fulford /

    First of all I have to say this is the best give away! I’ve been eyeing some of these things! haha. So thank you!
    If we would hang out for a day we would both fly to Paris!(Apparently we have a lot of money! haha) We would have our hair and makeup done by people who live for vintage beauty and are lovely at recreating looks such as that! Then we would go to a cute little bakery/tea place and have pastel macaroons and tea in pretty 1950s fluffy dresses! Then we would have a Parisian vintage style photo shoot by the Seine River! After that we would visit the Louvre and Versailles (while still in our awesome dresses, hair and makeup because “Hey! We don’t care if people stare!” haha) And then we would end the day by having the opportunity to give lovely clothing to people who couldn’t afford it themselves with a gift box of sweets along side the pile of beautiful clothing! It would be soooo wonderful! =) Yayy! haha.

  15. Well that’s easy, shopping of course!
    Tizzalicious recently posted..Tizzalicious Giveaway at Flats to Flip Flops

  16. Hi Candice,

    I would have you come to Los Angeles, where we would dress in our 50′s finest daywear. We’d shop at places like What Katie Did, and go for a glamourous high tea in the afternoon. We’d visit historic landmarks, like the Art Deco gem that is Union Station. We’d do a photoshoot there and capture the golden era of train travel. Then in the evening, we’d change into our fabulous vintage evening wear and we’d go to a amazing supper club complete with a big band and dancing. Everyone will be there in their vintage finest, but we’d surely stand out from the crowd. Then we’d take more photos amidst the glamorous decor.

    It would be such a fun day!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway and congrats on all the success with your site.

  17. Wow what a great giveaway! I wish I lived in a place in which I could tell you all kinds of great things that you could do if you visit, but I live in WV and the only persont that I have known to visit from out of the country wanted to go to Walmart so she could check see if there were really that many obese people and people without teeth. I sure hope you wouldn’t want to do that!
    I would however suggest checking out the antique malls and vintage shops around (all dolled up of course, why would we go anywhere not?). Since the vintage clothing trend has not hit WV like it has some places, there are still lots of really good pieces to be found and at great prices. After that and some great food, we could check out one of the local rockabilly punk bands. (They are the only good music in town that I have heard). Maybe not the most creative thing to do, but I am sure that you would have fun.

  18. We would fire up the old time machine. Instead of being vintage we would just travel back in time to your year of choice and be “modern” so to speak.
    I imagine (what with inflation and all) that our pocket money would go a loooooong way and we would spend a day of pure luxury – be pampered and polished and maybe head into Hollywood for some old school (well, it’d be just school I imagine what with the whole time machine thing) glamorous times.
    Failing that (just in case I cannot get the Delorean running), we could go to Madame Brussells for rooftop cocktail fun times. Babysitter included.

  19. Unfortunately for you the day would begin with work because I would need an appropriate vintage make over or I would be ashamed to stand next to you. Luckily you are extraordinarily talented and I would soon be happy to be seen in your presence.

    Properly powdered, coiffed and attired, we would then head out for a day of vintage shopping during which we would unearth amazingly gorgeous pieces at truly bargain prices.

    High tea would follow, although in a modern twist would begin with champagne and include a chocolate course.

    Finally, after a quick outfit change we would collect the gentlemen and head out for a night of kick up our heels on the dance floor.

    Sounds perfect to me!
    Lisa @ Blithe Moments recently posted..Stretching

  20. I would take you to my favorite cafe, show you around town and to all the interesting places with in driving distance. We would go to the antique mall close to my house so we can play dress up and find a few vintage goodies and end the day with a yummy dinner and some tea and home made molasses spice cake using my great grandma’s recipe.

  21. Joleen Brown /

    Ultimately we would meet in America and gain access into Cheyenne mountain where we would use the Stargate to time travel back to the 50′s (obviously we would need to time it when there is a solar flair) to spend a glorious day shopping, dancing, dining and truely living the 50′s lifestyle.

    Other than that a cuppa at the Corner Cafe will be sufficient enough :)

  22. For us, it is not just where we will go, but WHEN! This time machine, disguised as a delightful living room in Rococo style, can take us anywhere and anywhen. Feel free to sleep in as late as you want without worrying you’ll sleep through the good stuff. When you’re ready, the time machine living room contains many beautiful sofas upon which to sit and drink tea and eat muffins with jam.
    Then we’re off! Let’s not get distracted trying to collect the bounty on Hitler like all the other time travelers. We’ll get our vintage clothes brand new and custom fit to our sizes as we hop around the world’s history. Elaborately beaded flapper dresses in the 1920s. Full skirted swing dresses in 1940. Bustles and corsets in 1880. We’ll wear them all at once and invent lolita style a century early.
    We’ll be very hungry, and can make a stop in Spain for tapas. Or if you’re just in the mood for a snack, we’ll go forward in time to 2145, which is when Germany invents a cheese they simply call überkäse, and it’s amazing.
    We’d go back farther, become muses for Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, our faces painted and etched and sculpted by the masters.
    And to end the day, simply sitting on a beach, on an ordinary modern day, watching the sun dip beneath the waves, as ukelele music plays softly behind us, and we drink pina coladas with tiny umbrellas in them. And everyone loves our outfits.

  23. What a fabulous giveaway! Since you said to be creative, I’m taking a sky’s the limit approach…I live in San Francisco, but I’d love to start our day in Seattle. So after you jetted in, I’d take you to my favorite tea place in the world — Remedy. I love their tea lattes, which I haven’t found an equivalent of anywhere else; I particularly like the rooibos caramel latte and the black tea mocha. But they have TONS of teas to choose from. (And no, I have no affiliation with them… I just think they’re lovely.) Then we’d walk down to Pike Place Market, where we could get some tasty treats or just take fun pictures and do some people watching. Then we’d be off for San Francisco! We could tour a fancy old Victorian or just wander my neighborhood, the Mission, looking at all of the amazing murals — so colorful! If you like, we could poke around in fun shops, including the pirate store (great place to get some presents for your girls!) and vintage shops. We’d eat fabulous food — perhaps some sushi or tapas. And then we’d get dressed up and go to the ballet. Our Opera house is so pretty, and I love our ballet company. Finally, we’d head back to my house, where we’d tinker in the kitchen (I love baking) and collapse with a great old movie before drifting off to sleep. A long, colorful, action-packed day!

  24. Our Adventure would take place in Vancouver Canada, because I love my town and it is an area I could easily navigate us around in.

    First off we would start at my house – getting ready, doing our hair and makeup while listening to some Imelda May or maybe some Cab Calloway. While we get ready we could have some tea with orange brandy and sugar cookies.

    Then we would stroll down Main Street (a block from my house) and visit all the amazing vintage and antique stores – about 15 stores on Main Street alone. We would also visit my favorite little shop, Scout boutique (http://www.scoutboutique.com). We would try on all sorts of fabulous vintage outfits and new, but vintage inspired at Scout.

    After that we could go visit Shimona Henry of Pin-Up Perfection Photography for a photoshoot (http://www.shimonahenry.com/pin-up.html)

    After a long day of shopping and photo shoots we would grab a nice dinner- anywhere you feel like. Main Street has any type of food you could want – Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, North American, even a few cute diners– Anything at all.

    After Dinner I’d say we should head down to the Biltmore Cabaret (a few blocks from Main), and enjoy Kitty Nights (http://kittynights.com/). A Fabulous Burlesque show held weekly at a wonderful venue.

    I think this would be a very fun day as it includes things I do almost weekly and enjoy doing very much. I think you would really enjoy Vancouver and spending a day with me.

    Thanks – Emma xox

  25. Our day would be the Saturday of Twinwood 2013. We’d arrive appropriately attired in rayon and perfect 40s set curls, ready to wander through English war era reborn in a farmer’s field. The weather will be very un-English and will be a perfect day of 25`C with a slight breeze, warm enough to not need layers, but not hot enough to scorch pale skin.
    We shall begin with the vintage market; trying on mid-century dresses and new handmade leather shoes that perfectly imitate post-war fashions. A stop for tea and cake while we marvel at the wonderfully attired attendees: men in military uniforms and ladies who can pull off fox furs. We’ll take photos of the packs of sailors and dancers spinning around the dance-floors.
    We’ll see a rockabilly band make everybody shake and shimmy, and we’ll dance along too because the music will be so rockin’ we won’t be able to stop our feet moving. Then of course, we’ll be famished so some noodles or good old English pasties will be in order. Then on to either a beginners’ lindy hop lesson, or perhaps a wander through the Glen Miller Museum.
    As the sun starts to fad we’ll head into the colonial club for some cabaret and gin. And then the night will blur with an endless supply of music, vintage, dancing and new friends found.

  26. HoffiCoffi and SKM
    Would start the day in quiet repose.
    I’m wearing my handmade seventies dress
    And Pretty Polly pantyhose.
    We’d meet the girls in M&S
    For a very British cup of tea.
    There’s always time to hear the news
    And maybe eat a scone – or three!
    I’d re-apply my ‘Red Hot Red’
    Then wander around St David’s 2
    (Cardiff’s brand new shopping mall)
    And we’d try on dresses in every hue.
    Lunch would be Aufschnitt at Wally’s -
    A Viennese deli in the Royal Arcade.
    I’d readjust my decadant headpiece
    That someone very special made.
    The Cardiff arcades amuse for hours,
    A vintage lover’s dream bazaar.
    My pin curls would stay preened all evening
    For cocktails at Henry’s Cafe Bar.
    The reason why I feel so pretty
    And for everyone else it’s plain to see,
    Is my new look, styled the Kawaii way
    Which Candice delivered personally!
    HoffiCoffi recently posted..Knitted Bunting and Craft Fair Mark II

  27. If we were to spend the day together, I’d have to wish for unlimited funds because I’d want to take us both to Tokyo Disneyland! Alas, that does seem like a bit of impossibility, so perhaps we should try something a little different – lounging poolside in our lovely vintage swimwear sipping cocktails… Then home to dress up so that we can go to swing dancing lessons because that sounds like the perfect end to a relaxing, fun day!

    bonita of Depict This!

  28. Pricilla /

    I’d love to hang out with you! I live in the beautiful northwest. We could go to the hat museum, bet you’ve never been to one of those. And we could go on a picnic in the gorge and go for a hike it has lovely picturesque view and waterfalls. And there’s a plethora of antique and coffee shops it could keep you busy all day.

  29. mrsmarinewife1 /

    Well being a momma( doesnt give me much time :) ), I would do shopping and lunch!!!!!! And depending if we were on my side of the world I would show you all the fun vintage side of my town.
    Mrs. Martinez

  30. Henriette Hauge /

    Welcome to our day together Miss Deville.

    To start of this perfect day together we will start at my home where i will show you where and how I live. Here I will also prepare a lovely breakfast, the best of the best the danish kitchen can cook up.

    Since I know you love vintage, I will take you to see and ”old city”. Here in Denmark Århus where I live, the city has created a little village of houses, in a closed park, from early 1900 century (1800-1970). Here I will show you around, where I often go to dream myself away to an ancient time there are no more, and I will tell stories from the danish history, This small village is also a living museum with people dressed from the old days.

    After this I will take you to the most perfect café, where there a vintage chairs and excusit meals. This cafe is right next to the Århus theater and in this café there are old pictures from plays, there have been in the theater over the years. Some times an actor even enjoys their meal here. There is a very calm, historic, romantic in the poetic way presence here, its like time have stopped here.

    Now shopping ofcourse is a must, but options here are some limited. BUT there a little walk away from the main shopping street a little vintage shop, owned by an old lady. She has collected clothes since she was a little girl and the shop is filled with beautifull history.
    Now I noticed you like colours, so Århus Museum has this espedition where on top of the museum is a big round glass montre you can walk aroound in. The glas windows has all the colours of the rainbow, here we will see the city from all the different colours of the rainbow.

    Since we have been walking around alot, I would think that our feet are getting tirred, so from here we will go to the harbor where my fiance will be waiting with his boat and he will sail to the top of Denmark, Skagen.

    Here we (you and I) will stop at the beach and take a small old, vintage you might even say, little train cart(drive on wheels but look like and old train) out to the north point of Denmark. Here we will walk to our feet touches he water, to the end of my country :)
    After this we will find the restaurant with the most perfect view of the sunset (the sunset over Skagen is known to be quit beautifull, and enjoy our dinner here.
    And over a glass of champgne I will thank you for spending a lovely day with me, that I hope you will never forget.
    Best Regards Henriette

  31. I would fly you to Boston, MA where I would introduce you to my little grey kitten. He’s adorable! Then we would head back into the City for a spa treatment and vintage hairstyling at one of the upscale salons. Then we would drive to Cape Cod and see the forests, rivers, beaches, and beautiful rolling sand dunes. We would follow a rabbit into a hole and barely escape with out heads, but the adventure would have been worth it. At sunset we would have evening tea at a beachfront tea house and eat too many scones.

  32. If we were to spend the day together I’d take you around St. Augustine. It’s a beautiful historic area with lots of fun quirky shops. So we would shop and admire all of the history. They also have these fun places where you dress up as western tavern girls and take pictures so we would have to do that. When our stomachs tell us it is lunch time we would eat at this fantastic pub called Scarlet O’Hera’s. Then take a walk on the beach and find our dessert of pink macaroons, espresso and a few other sweet yummies waiting for us. We must have the sweets to fortify us for more shopping. Then we would finish the evening at one of the out door theaters. With the stars twinkling overhead watch a vintage movie. Bundle ourselves in blankets and eat wonderful buttery popcorn and the picnic we packed earlier. A great end to a lovely day! :)

  33. I would love to explore Melbourne, where you are based and I am too. I recently fall in love with vintage look (you know, Japan, where im originally from has different vintage ideal I didn’t know your kind of vintage for a while!!) Im Melbourne for almost 9 years but I would love to know our local good vintage shops and shopping tips, and just wanna see how you actually put these beautiful make ups and hair into normal life. It would be a great learning for someone like me, vintage Newby and to know Melbourne in new perspective.we could go to night cat with new dress at night after lovely dinner at little cafe in the city. Simple,local, girls day out!

  34. well, if there wasn’t war over here (in Israel), i’d take you to the old city of Jerusalem, where we’d have an old fashioned Morrocan breakfast in one of the oldest restaurants near the western wall. If you’d like we’d walk around the old streets looking at all the historical places that exist over hundreds of years, the amazing buildings, the old maket of Jerusalem where you can buy fresh spices and baked goods, hand made jewlery and souvenires, at the evening we’d go to the old Jaffa flea market, just near Tel-Aviv, we’d have a vintage shopping spree and enjoy the jazz music playing on the street and the amazing atmosphere of old times. We’d then go to the boardwalk where we’d seat in a lovely little old cafe’ overlooking the sea at sunset and have oriental tea served in the most beautiful vintage copper kettle and hand painted cups, talking about the lovely day we had. I know my letter isn’t much compare to other girls who live in the states or in europe, as my english isn’t perfect, still i hope you’ll like it anyway. It would be so nice to win this, but even if i won’t, i want you to know i really enjoy reading your blog, it cheers me up in times like this and inspires me so :)

  35. I would really enjoy spending a vintage inspired Christmas time adventure with you. I thought we could enjoy a nice hot air balloon ride together. Of course the captain of this flight would be the lovely and ever reliable Cary Grant. On board the ride we’d have a chorus of Christmas carollers, with Marilyn Monroe on lead vocals. They would produce their own rendition of Jingle Bells along the lines of;

    Dashing through the shops
    With Candice by my side
    Decked in vintage frocks
    Time for a new ride!

    The hot air balloon awaits
    Ready for a flight
    We join our other mates
    A perfect vintage flight!

    We would then arrive at the local botanical gardens decorated in fairy lights and full of Christmas cheer and enjoy a nice twilight picnic with the stars of yesteryear.

  36. Our day together would be an “Auntie Mame” inspired day of vintage frivolity and fun. Now as this is the perfect day we wouldn’t need to spend time getting ready. You wouldn’t need to spend half the day working hard to make us look vintage fabulous, because like in all good 1940s and 1950s movies, we would wake up looking fabulous already. Perfectly coiffed hair, immaculate makeup and fabulous frocks – ‘ta-da’ just like that!

    Our day would take place in Manhattan of course. We would start off with a high-tea style brunch and then head to Macy’s (it would be 1950s Macy’s in this perfect day) for a morning of shopping. Cut to a faux fox-hunt (I’m not one for hunting real animals – but we could just pretend) atop of a couple of fabulous steeds. Us wearing suitable vintage riding attire (again, no need to take time out to travel to the country-side or get changed – it would just happen like all good scene changes!).

    A couple of suitably fabulous costume and scene changes and the evening we would take in a show on Broadway and finally finish things off with a wild and glamorous party in a Manhattan apartment just like Mame’s.

    Remember “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!”

  37. well…most gals can be fab during a day of shopping or on a night out. But I’d like to take you up for a challangeto be the best looking mommies in my favorite themepark The Efteling.
    it has a playground and fairytale forest that date back to the fifties, w/ all the classics like snowwhite and little red riding hood. we’ll start w/ coffee or hot cocoa and, since it the wintertime, end w/ warm gluhwein at an open fire.
    i actually did a little styling experiment there, last year and went w/ my babyboy and husband in a swingdress and victory rolls. sure I got stared at, but i kept my cool and the look survived all the coasterrides. i want to invite you and your family maybe,to share this fantastic super glam momfeeling w/ me.

  38. Hi, I honestly think I would like you to take up Smadi’s offer and I’d tag along with you and her, I can’t think of anything I would rather do with you than that, Smadi sounds so lovely and I think I would love to meet her too, anyway three’s more fun than two isn’t it? Fantastic giveaway by the way.

    • Oh, thank you Kirsty, you’r more than welcome to join, the more the merrier ;)

  39. We would dress up in so lovely dresses maybe go for a cup of tea or two I would stay up the night before baking cupcakes. As we are sitting drinking tea and munching on cupcakes doctor whooves turns up in his tardis! Of course with his assistant derpy. They coax us in and tack us for the ride of our life to equestria where we meet Rarity and get chatting about ponyville style.

  40. The perfect day? Well ok then…

    It would start with playing vintage dress ups, along with a hair set and vintage makeover – because really, who could hang out with your fabulous self and not have that happen?

    Once suitably coiffed, made up and attired, there would be a trip to Pitt St mall to conduct a good old Madmen style freak out of all the office workers out for lunch. Shopping would be the order of the day, followed by a feast of Din Tai Fung dumplings and tea to help us revive afterwards!

    After touching up the signature red lippie and handing all our shopping to our driver (of course we’d have a chauffeur driven classic car – why not?) we’d head out and seek some excellent cocktails and some swing music to dance the night away.

    Beauty sleep? Who needs it?!

  41. We would be dolled up to the nines in our seamed stockings, red lippy and dresses to die for. We would be traveling in style in a Ford Thunderbird Convertible through the Hollywood hills to a time machine. Where we would go back to the 1950′s and have breakfast with Tiffany, mingle with Marilyn and elope with Elvis!

  42. Our day would begin with a light breakfast and morning of pampering at Miss Fox.
    A fabulous car would wisk us away to the zoo for a picnic (its something i used to do once a year with friends in the UK and its such fun to get dressed up and picnic whilst watching the monkeys play).
    Cocktails and fabulous food at Mamasitas to end a relaxing day full of wonderful company and fun experiences.

  43. Hi Candice

    Well first we’d start with breakfast at Brunetti’s, then off to St Kilda to roller skate or bike ride along the foreshore. We’d have worked up an appetite by then it would be time for a high tea, since you’re always primping and making other people feel beautiful we’d head to a day spa for massages, facials, manicures…… your turn to relax and be pampered. To top our day off we would invite friends over for an old fashioned pyjama party, old movies, games and fun with friends.

    My imaginary day with you sounds like so much fun, I think I’ll have to plan it with a girlfriend real soon!

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