Chocolate & Cowboy Boots

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Cowboy hat and Cadburys Chocolate & Cowboy Boots

I love surprises. Not the nasty, “OMG who left that Lego on the floor??!” while I hop on one foot in the dark. No, I like those surprises that come when you think you already know what to expect of a moment, only to be proven fabulously wrong. Cadbury recently sent me a block of their new Double Chocolate Mousse chocolate to see if I think it fits the category of ‘pleasantly surprised’ like this too. But before I go and eat chocolate in the name of research, let me tell you how one of my love affairs began as unexpected surprise. A very memorable time when my penchant for hyper glam looks was given bit of a challenge.

We know I’m always struggling with casual wear, so outdoorsy looks and I aren’t known to have much in common. The first time I went to meet (my now wonderful friend) Helen McLean; she managed to talk me around and into a pair of cowboy boots. I’d seen those flat heeled, polished red, and silver spurred numbers when I came in, wondering who on earth would wear them? I’d never worn boots that didn’t have a spiked heel and even my utilitarian gumboots came in cream with rose print. But Helen, undeterred, coaxed me into those country numbers with a, ”go on; it’ll be fun.” And if you’ve been following this blog for a while you know how this turns out. I LOVED them!!


Cowboy boots and Cadburys Chocolate & Cowboy Boots

 Cute, sassy (even though I essentially hate that word) and stealthily comfortable, I fell instantly in love. And not just with the boots, but the whole gingham, denim skirt, country girl look. It sounded like a crazy match and one that wouldn’t last. Yet here I am another two years later, with a growing collection of hand embroidered, Swarovski crystal studded, boots and even a sneaky red cowboy hat that sits on the dresser. (I’m a ninja at self justification).

That’s the kind of surprise I love. Unexpected, exciting and fun; and even better, one that brings people together and creates enduring friendships.  Sharing a moment is the best way to make friends; and sharing a delicious moment is all the better. Which brings us back to the chocolate.


Cowboy boots and Cadburys3 Chocolate & Cowboy Boots


Yes, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Double Chocolate Mousse is good. (Did you have any doubt?) It’s rather tricky in that there are 12 pieces in a block, each shaped like pillows. This means that when you say to yourself, “Just one square”, it is in fact, bigger than your average square. Then there’s the pillow shape of the square combined with the filling, a combination of light, aerated mousse and ‘chocolate coulis’ – that’s runny sauce for the rest of us. So the physics of force come into play here and when you attempt to break off only one square, it tends to take a piece of the next square with it. Now your left with the agonizing decision, to leave it like that in the pack or to tidy it up a bit…

So not only is this a yummy treat, but it has the unexpected surprise of being perfect for those of us that undergo the mental justification process with each piece we indulge in. I mean we could just leave it in the pack like that could we?


Thanks to Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse, this is your chance to join me in the terrible task of taste testing chocolate.

Cowboy boots and Cadburys2 Chocolate & Cowboy Boots

Leave me a comment telling me what you could do with a Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse chocolate to make a new friend.

Get creative, have fun, go silly. You could simply write it or you may even like to photograph or video your idea. It’s not just chocolate, it is a confectionary conspiracy we can indulge in together! Make sure to leave your comment on this post to WIN FREE CHOCOLATE!!


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pixel Chocolate & Cowboy Boots
 Chocolate & Cowboy Boots
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 Chocolate & Cowboy Boots
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  1. Yummmmmm – I’ll never say no to chocolate! Just offering someone chocolate has got to be the easiest way to make a new friend.
    Mel recently posted..Best cake ever..and some craft

  2. Let me just say that an Aussie gal living in the US with a block of Cadbury that is not made by the Hershey company would have new friends coming out of the woodwork !!!! Of course I don’t know that I could share…………..drool………….

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Jaede: Email me your address because you seriously need a care package girl! :) xx

  3. JicyJac /

    I would eat it at the bus stop like Forrest Gump, and offer it to interesting looking strangers. But unlike Forrest, I want to hear their story rather then tell mine.

  4. Cassandra /

    I would leave the chocolate in a trail (Hansel & Gretel style) to lure new friends. Anyone who likes chocolate must be a decent person, right? :-P

  5. Not that it would need improving – but I think a Cadbury Choc Mousse Cheesecake could be a quick friend creator….

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