A Very Kwerkee Day!

Kwerkee package A Very Kwerkee Day!

*Super Kawaii Mama received this great box of surprises as a gift from Kwerkee*

When was the last time you received a surprise in the mail? A real genuinely unexpected surprise that left you squealing and doing a happy dace, (if you’re that kind of person). For me, it was just last week! A great big box, tied with string, arrived on my doorstep and I actually did a little dance as I walked it inside.

It was a big box from Kwerkee, a fantastic new site that has quickly become my go to place for Christmas present hunting. Basically, Kwerkee is a place that gathers all kinds of new, interesting, innovative and quirky (hence the name) products, and has them available at sale prices at certain times. You keep an eye on the list of upcoming sales to see what you like and when it is coming up, then you get in a buy the things you want before they run out.

Then the clever team at Kwerkee package them all up pretty and send them to you ASAP.


They have all kinds of fashion, accessories, home wares and cool little things you never knew you needed but now HAVE to have. Things like Cath Kidston bags, CDG men’s wear, pretty things for dogs and even lomo cameras! The discounts on all this stuff can be as big as 70% off, so it really pays to keep an eye on the upcoming sale times and start making a list of all your pretties.


Screen Shot 2012 10 24 at 4.22.19 PM A Very Kwerkee Day!

Screen Shot 2012 10 24 at 4.22.36 PM A Very Kwerkee Day!

Screen Shot 2012 10 24 at 4.23.03 PM A Very Kwerkee Day!

Screen Shot 2012 10 24 at 4.24.59 PM A Very Kwerkee Day!


I’m a bit overexcited about all the gift giving opportunities from this site (for myself included), so I had to ask them a bunch of questions.

Where did the idea for Kwerkee come from? Someone must have had a wonderful dream!

Well, we saw a gap in the market. There was no de-facto site that sold design and lifestyle products that were fun and quirky. We believe that Kwerkee can fill this gap well. Injecting a bit of fun into our customers’ lives is what we’re after.

The product picks on Kwerkee are so fun and unique. Do you have a genius team of magical elves that find all these or how do they find such wonderful things?

Yes we have a genius team of magical elves that work for us for in exchange for milk and cookies. Hahaha! We have a team of merchandisers with impeccable taste and a strong conviction in what we stand for – making our customers grin daily, that is the basis with which they choose our product offering.

Everything feels so fresh and undiscovered. What is Kwekeez mission?

Kwerkee = Quirky, No ‘Z’. =D

Kwerkee’s mission is simply to make our customers GRIN daily. We are aiming to be THE de-facto site for interesting and hard-to-find home and lifestyle pieces.

Given that Christmas is just around the corner, I want to start planning my gift lists now. How quickly can Kwerkeez deliver and where will they deliver too?

Kwerkee, say it with me, Kwerkee, no Z! =P 


Kwerkee currently ships to several countries in the Asia Pacific – Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and China. There are also plans for expansion into more countries. Products usually ship within 21 days unless stated otherwise on their individual descriptions. The reason for this is because we refuse to ship straight from our suppliers. We want to ensure each and every one of our customers receive the ultimate Kwerkee experience – packaging, quality control and the like. However, our customers have given us feedback (we listened) and there are plans in the works to cut shipping times to a minimum. 

Can you tell us, in a nutshell, how the concept of Kwekeez works?

@#$%^$#$%!!! NO Z!!!!  *storms away from interview*

Kwerkee runs daily flash sales events featuring fresh, interesting knick-knacks and hard-to-find design pieces. These events typically last for only a week (7 days), as such, we recommend signing up for our daily newsletter that gives you a preview of the day’s events so you don’t miss out on anything!



Ha Ha! Yep, I kept on adding a bit of a plural to the end of the “Kwerkee” name; I suppose it’s because it has good things en masse!

I highly recommend you check it out for yourself; but don’t say I didn’t warn you how addictive it can be!



pixel A Very Kwerkee Day!
 A Very Kwerkee Day!
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 A Very Kwerkee Day!
Even more!

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