Taking L.A (very quickly!)

Well we made it from Melbourne to LA in what felt like record time due to all the classic movies on demand on the plane. We cruised on in watching Dial M for Murder and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

It is always a little surreal travelling from Australia to the USA, as it seems like your really still at home until you hear someone speak. We hopped our cab and headed straight to the Queen Mary on Long Beach.

s 3718 Taking L.A (very quickly!)

Bonnie Rose and I headed straight to breakfast, for which our options were clam chowder… Not very breakfast but we found something and made it work, because we really had to prep up for a day out shopping.

s 3719 Taking L.A (very quickly!)

s 3720 Taking L.A (very quickly!)

s 3721 Taking L.A (very quickly!)

We hit Fourth st on Long Beach as a veritable force of vintage shopping nature. In surprisingly fine form after such a long flight!

s 3722 Taking L.A (very quickly!)

s 3723 Taking L.A (very quickly!)

s 3724 Taking L.A (very quickly!)

s 3725 Taking L.A (very quickly!)

s 3726 Taking L.A (very quickly!)

s 3728 Taking L.A (very quickly!)

Yes, it does look as much fun as it really was! We have a knack for meeting all kinds of fabulous people while we’re out and this day was no different, even finding an impromptu gospel signing moment on the local bus line!

While most of retro LA had already headed across for VLV, we had nice quiet time to shop up a storm. Forth St, (or as I’m told its called “Little Mexico”) has some cracking stores and we found some absolute gems like these brilliant hats!

s 3729 Taking L.A (very quickly!)

Which we promptly took to cocktails….

s 3731 Taking L.A (very quickly!)

s 3732 Taking L.A (very quickly!)

s 3734 Taking L.A (very quickly!)

… And thats where I’ll leave off this first of my travel journal posts. I hope everyone is having a great holiday break and making the most of a little down time.

Wish you were here.. In Sunny L.A. Xoxo

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Location:Los Angeles

pixel Taking L.A (very quickly!)
 Taking L.A (very quickly!)
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 Taking L.A (very quickly!)
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  1. Hello there,
    As one of you American readers, I personally got a good laugh when you said, “until you hear someone speak”

    haha, very true.

  2. Ah I love dial M for Murder, but my favourite classic movies have to be ‘Strangers on a Train’ and ‘The Apartment’.
    So jealous of your little trip to LA, but I did have a lovely night out this weekend for my sisters 30th birthday, so I cant complain.

    Look forward to reading more about your trip

    Gems x
    Gems – Fashion Well Done recently posted..MANY HAPPY RETURNS!!

  3. That looks like so much fun! I would like to go back to LA one day.

  4. aw! how long are you in town? would love to see you ;)
    violetville recently posted..Orange Sherbet Vintage 70s High-Waisted Wide Leg Denim Pants M by violetvillevintage

  5. Have fun in LA. Love it there!!
    Rose :: Fine Craft Guild .com recently posted..Owl Pillow Sewing Tutorial

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