T’was the night before Easter…

s 4180 Twas the night before Easter...

… And my bags are packed for the USA!
Amazingly, I’ve managed to pack a single suitcase with only 12kgs of clothes and shoes and another 4kgs for all the beauty products and accessories. I had set my target for a 15kg limit so I have plenty of space for treasures, and I’m thrilled to say I’ve pretty much made it!

There are enough outfits to take me through day and night for the next 10 days without ever having to repeat a combination. Walking shoes, dancing shoes and even just posing around by the pool crystal shoes for Saturday night’s Vegas pool party!

How did I do it? I stuck to my ever refined system that I’ve developed over many many trips. I chose a colour palette, then chose fabrics in silks, cashmeres and crepes that don’t crease and weigh very little. I accessorise the life out of my choices with feathers, sequins, flowers, shoe clips and jewels.

All my beauty products are chosen in miniature or decanted into tiny containers. Some, like deodorant, you can buy as handy wipes. My concession is my set of travel rollers which weight about 800gms, but are worth their weight in the perfect hair factor.

So if I’m as organised as I think I am, this should all go very smoothly and you’ll get those regular updates of all the gorgeous and glamorous sights along the way.
And if you happen to see me in your town, shop or local bar, please come and say Hi!

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pixel Twas the night before Easter...
 Twas the night before Easter...
Even more!

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 Twas the night before Easter...
Even more!

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  1. Anna /

    I’d LOVE to see pics! I’m terrible at packing light!

  2. Soooooo jealous!!
    Carli recently posted..Fruit Salad…..Yummy yummy

  3. hi Candice -

    We haven’t corresponded for 3 years (!), but I just got 2 emails from you generated from your contact form.

    You may have a bug, or something worse. Just wanted to make sure that you knew.

    Hope that you’re well, and enjoy your trip -
    Kakkoii Mono

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