Surprise – Now with Added Glamour!

Helen McLean and I have been up to all kinds of new things recently and I’ve been dying for the chance to show you! While I’m bent over my keyboard here madly preparing to start my national tour of Vintage Style Workshops in Sydney this weekend, I thought now would be a great time to show you just how much glam we’ve been getting!

Helen McLean is already internationally renowned for her amazing pinup work, (as you know she shot my Some Fancy Ladies calendar), but it isn’t just pin up that she kills at.  Helen and I have been working together to re-create some classic Old Hollywood glamour photo shoots of late and are totally loving it!  Check out these two gorgeous ladies we’ve transformed into silver screen stars!

hollywood glamour helen mclean 1 Surprise   Now with Added Glamour!


I’ve always wanted to create my own version of a Grace Kelly look-alike… and how amazing is this portrait?!

hollywood glamour helen mclean 2 Surprise   Now with Added Glamour!



Of course, it isn’t all pin up and silver screen (although you have to admit, it’s every girls dream to look like this one day), we’ve done something you’ve never seen from me before… drum roll


modern glamour 7 Surprise   Now with Added Glamour!

We’re now also creating timeless, elegant modern glamour looks for our clients! Check out what we shot the other day..


modern glamour 6 Surprise   Now with Added Glamour!

modern glamour 4 Surprise   Now with Added Glamour!

modern glamour 1 Surprise   Now with Added Glamour!

modern glamour 2 Surprise   Now with Added Glamour!

modern glamour 5 Surprise   Now with Added Glamour!

modern glamour 3 Surprise   Now with Added Glamour!


If you’ve ever wanted to be shot as a siren of the silver screen, a pin up beauty or a timeless modern glamour queen, there has never been a better time! You’ll have me to take personal charge of your styling and hair and makeup transformation, while Helen guides you through becoming a work of art! Check out her recently re-vamped website to see what else we’ve been up to. Of course, my specialty vintage hair, makeup and styling skills are available to you outside of the photo studio too, and I’ve been busy with parties and loads of classes and tutorials. I’ve also been finishing up the wedding season here too. I have some amazing new bridal shots to show you soon. Styling vintage weddings is such an honour and a pleasure!

Even though this is a very different look for me, I really like it! I had to laugh though because even my dad had to ask, “Is that you?!” Everyone is so used to seeing me with set hair and red lips, this softer look is rather a change.  So what do you think of our new creations?




pixel Surprise   Now with Added Glamour!
 Surprise   Now with Added Glamour!
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Candice DeVille

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 Surprise   Now with Added Glamour!
Even more!

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  1. Wow the old-school Hollywood glamour shots are stunning!
    Just stunning!
    Gems – Fashion Well Done recently posted..GETTING NAILED!

  2. You are gorgeous! I love the photos! Especially the one of you looking down while smiling. Absolutely stunning ?

    ~ Kieli ~

  3. You look gorgeous & your makeup is just lovely! You definitely pull off the more modern glam look! I absolutely LOVE the rose printed . . I think it’s a dress or slip? Anyway the print was so bright/pretty I gasped when I saw it, lol. Hope you don’t mind my asking but where is it from?

  4. oh you ladies look stunning! i like the softer look too :)
    Mrs Amber Apple recently posted..cloffice

  5. Looking Divine as always Candice

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