How I use Dove Nourishing Oils to get the best results from my hair… and you can too!

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Dove oil treatment 3 How I use Dove Nourishing Oils to get the best results from my hair… and you can too!

My blonde streak appears to be on the mend!

It’s ironic that when I was growing up I had some seriously bad hair. I don’t just mean those trend driven looks that we all succumbed to, but some OMG moments that are burned into my memory. As a child I had very thick hair (I still do) and that comes with a world of problems. No matter how much I wanted to look like Louise Brookes, it was never, ever going to happen.

Sadly, my hairdresser at the time was one to make the chop and take the cash with no advice and little thought about how her disastrous actions would affect a 12 year old. And that is how I went from having long and lovely hair, into looking like a triangle headed alien character from Dr. Who. All bulk, frizz and the volume of someone who’d had an argument with an electric socket.

At the time, there were very little options available for hair taming; a bit of mouse or gel was about all we were offered. Straighteners were the only thing that could save me, but without the aid of what we have now, it was down to lying your head on an ironing board and running a hot iron over your locks while attempting not to give yourself 3rd degree burns on your face. Why am I telling you this? Because although I hated the look of my hair, it was for all intents and purposes in good condition as the regularity of heat treating was nothing compared to what we do today.

As the tools have improved, so too has the frequency with which we use them and as a result our poor hair needs more TLC. As you saw in my previous post about the condition of my hair and how I plan to save it, my blonde streak is very damaged from all the chemicals, but the rest of my hair is in great condition. Here are some excellent ways you can use Dove Nourishing Oils get your hair into shape without breaking your budget!

Dove oil treatment How I use Dove Nourishing Oils to get the best results from my hair… and you can too!

As an intensive treatment mask:

Boil the kettle with hot water and half fill a large ceramic bowl.

Use the remaining boiling water to soak a small bath towel in your sink.

In a small ceramic bowl, place 1 tablespoon of Dove Nourishing Oils. Sit this bowl inside the larger, hot water filled one so that the hot water doesn’t come over the edge and into the oil.

Cover with a cloth and leave for four minutes. This will warm your oil nicely.

*Using a microwave can create a heat too intense and damage the quality of the oil, so slow and gentle is better.

With your palms work the warm oil through your hair from the ends back towards the roots. Concentrate on the ends where the most damage is found.

Wring the excess hot water from the bath towel and use this to wrap your hair up into a turban. The heat from the oil and the towel will allow it to penetrate giving you a deep conditioning treatment.

Leave this on until the towel is cold. You can either wash the oil out at this point, or sleep in it over night to allow for an even deeper treatment. It pays to wrap your hair in a scarf so any excess oil isn’t transferred to your skin or pillow in the night.

As a heat protector and treatment:

Once you’ve washed you hair as usual, towel dry first, then apply a ten-cent sized portion of oil to your palms. Rub this around on your hands to ensure even distribution, then apply to the still damp hair, working from tips back towards the roots.

Dry and style as usual.

Dove oil treatment 2 How I use Dove Nourishing Oils to get the best results from my hair… and you can too!

As a smoothing serum:

Once your hair is styled and your left with fly aways or frizz, apply two pumps of Dove Nourishing Oils to your palms and work them together to warm the oil.

For a loose style, run your fingers through your hair and use small light strokes to finish off.

If your style is more structured, use a small amount of oil evenly distributed on your palms to smooth over your hair. Pay attention to the hairline where a little amount of oil will help smooth down those baby hairs and fly aways.

As an emergency bad weather rescue:

The size of the Dove Nourishing Oils bottle means it is perfect for keeping in your makeup bag for hair emergencies. When the weather gets wild or humid, a little of this and a simple comb is all you need to give your hair shine and control. Adding loads of hairspray will just make it crunchy and hard to comb, but simply using your hands with a tiny spot of oil to smooth it back down after an attack of the frizz, is all you need.

All that said, if you can hold off and train you hair to be washed no more frequently than every three days, you’ll notice a world of difference. Stripping the hair of nourishing oils every day will create more problems than it solves.

With the lightweight and easily absorbed formula of the Dove Nourishing Oil, you won’t have problems with limp nasty hair either. These four easy and inexpensive tips will give your hair and instant boost, and with longer term use will totally transform the hair you have into hair you love.

Ready to try this for yourself and get some amazing hair? I have some samples of the Dove Nourishing Oil to give to you! All you have to do is leave me a comment about your biggest hair disaster or regret and the top ten most creative entries will be sent the Dove Nourishing Oils to try for themselves!

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pixel How I use Dove Nourishing Oils to get the best results from my hair… and you can too!
 How I use Dove Nourishing Oils to get the best results from my hair… and you can too!
Even more!

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 How I use Dove Nourishing Oils to get the best results from my hair… and you can too!
Even more!

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  1. My biggest hair regret was allowing my aunty to convince me to go to her hairdresser – “to save money”. It was the late 1980s and instead of a ‘shaggy’ layered cut, which was popular at the time, the hairdresser cut most of my shoulder length hair and gave me a ‘Dolly’ cut, when washed (I have wavy hair), my hair cut looked like a really bad mullet. :(

  2. My biggest hair regret was believing a hairdresser who told me she could do finger waves before a formal event. Somehow I ended up with curlers in! Needless to say, the result was not what I was after. All the money spent (and being too young and shy to complain) I went home, washed my hair and set it myself before the ball.
    Lisa @ Blithe Moments recently posted..Growing Up

  3. anastasiastarz /

    My biggest hair disaster – or why outdoor photography isn’t like in the movies. For Graduation we had our class pictures taken outside, and just as the photographer clicked the button a gust of wind whirled past, and my hair freshly sprayed puffed up and fly aways were everywhere. And to make it worse I was wearing sticky lipgloss and sent the next 15 minutes trying to fix my hair before a redo – and I wasn’t the only one :P

  4. Hi Candice,

    Thanks for the post; so great to hear that the oil has worked for you :)

    I too wanted hair like Louise Brooks but the haircut in question gave me the curly Clara Bow look – not what I was going for at the time but it didn’t look too bad … in the end it was just way to short for putting up into victory rolls so I HAD to grow it out lol

    My biggest hair regret was in year 12; I agreed to get a ringlet perm – you can imagine what it did to my thick, wavy & slightly frizzy hair … I ended up looking like I’d stuck my head inside an electrical generator & not just put my finger in a socket!

    In the end we are never happy with the hair we are given & that’s why I will always have a cupboard full of hairdryers & straighteners & heated rollers, etc, etc, etc!

  5. I have several stories about bad hair……. Top 4:

    1. Until I was 10 my Mom insited that I get my hair cut into a verrrrrry short spiky cut that I hated. And everyone that didn´t know me thought Iam a boy!!! To my total annoyance. After that my Mom went for a compromise and I got….

    2. a mullet. No comment on that. eeek. All I wanted was long curly hair!!!!

    3. Finally I had this $%$% mullet grown out. And than I saw a woman in tv with the most amazing red blonde hair! I bought bleach in a hair dresser shop, let my mother bleach me and… Found out this colour makes me look like a corpse. I coloured my hair back to my natural colour two weeks later, but I went to a party before and those pictures will forever remain with me as a reminder….

    4. For a shooting I tinted my hair black… well, it was supposed to be red. My hightlights made it appear GREEN.

    I stick to a darker red with a blonde streak now…

  6. getting talked into getting my shoulder length hair cut into a a bob that ended half way down my huuuuuge sticky out ears by a very enthusiastic hairdresser …..sure it looked lovely when a professional with expensive products styles it but when a 14 year old gets home and washes it it looks limper than a week old pancake!!!
    Georgia recently posted..New hat , normal clothes and teeth.

  7. oh my goodness, reading these hair disaster comments was cracking me up! I love that almost every woman at some point in their life has had a hair disaster!

    I have thick hair and when I was in high school it was very long and heavy, so i decided to get it thinned. i thought my hair dresser would use thinning shears…she didn’t. she decided to thin it out with a razor blade. I was completely crushed. My hair was ripped and well, i can even find a word to describe it. it was a very sad day!
    Mrs Amber Apple recently posted..spontaneousness

  8. Hair disasters? Oh yes, I have a few. Perhaps my favorite though was when I was about 9 years old, I had long, waist hair (like I do these days, in fact) and I was twirling a barrel brush through the front of my hair. Needless to say, it got majorly tangled. My mother had to rush me to her friend’s place who was a hairdresser and they had to cut the brush out because no amount of pulling, twisting or yanking was going to get it out. The hairdresser had to cut my long, long hair off to my chin. I cried.

    There there was that time I went to stay with a friend. She dyes her head bold, bright red. I needed to wash my hair while I was staying with her. I used her shampoo and conditioner, not realising her conditioner actually had red and purple hair dye in it to maintain her colour. I got out of the shower with random red bits through my hair. A blotchy and strange look to say the least. A week before my year twelve formal.
    Wild Tea Party recently posted..Turandot

  9. My biggest hair disaster would probably best be appreciated with a pic! My ma was the queen of the home perm. Add many too tight perms to a head of hair that has seen a lot of Sun In and you have one frizzy headed Betty! Many years later I have taken to skipping the washingand heading straight to the conditioner a couple times a week. Looking forward to wrapping my head in a nice warm towell with hot oil!

  10. Amanda B /

    I think nothing beats your Mum cutting your hair, let alone your fringe!!
    Poor Mum had 6 kids and 5 girls, that’s a lot of hair to get done before school!! Always the innovator she used sticky tape as a guide to make sure the fringe was straight (which it never was, many school photos attest to that!)
    My personal fave though was my Billy Idol-esque Bleached blonde spike in the early 80′s, I recall a feeling of terror and actual nausea, as the hairdresser pulled the tip cap off my head….this was not the glamorous. soft blonde I had visualised, this was harsh, stark and white. I was never going to school ever again!!

  11. Susan C /

    Note how many hair disasters are due to hairdressers refusing to listen to women who know their own hair better than anyone else. In high school I had thick shoulder length ringlet-y curls and went to the hairdresser’s for a special do for my debut ball. All the rage then was the Farrah Fawcett layered blonde flick style and the hairdresser wanted to try this on me. The standard technique (which I recall was published widely in women’s magazines) was to set the hair in rollers then brush out (which really only works for straight hair). Despite my protests that I was going to end up with very tight curls that would last for days, the hairdresser went ahead and yep I had a tight curly shorter hairdo that was nothing like the Farrah flick. The only time I’ve had a professional hairdo since was my wedding but at least they got it right then thank goodness. One of my high school teachers had glossy dark Cleopatra style hair and she went and got the full Farrah treatment – layered, blonde with just the right amount of flick and wave. She looked a million bucks and all the boys were in love with her lol.

  12. Susan C /

    I too recommend not washing your hair every day. After years of short layered wash and wear hair I stopped cutting it and grew out the layers which has enabled me to wash only every second day, and I am working towards doing it only every third day. Your hair condition actually improves, it cuts down on the dryness and reduces frizziness. If you’re game you can try the “hair challenge” and cut out shampoo altogether and wash only with conditioner (the theory being that constant shampooing causes a cycle of more oil production). Dermatologists recommend this and there are whole internet forums of people who do this! Apparently you have to go through a yucky oily stage first before your hair settles down!
    Some great oil conditioning treaments for your hair are good old coconut, avocado and olive oils which are the only three oils that penetrate the hair shaft and nourish it rather than just coat the surface. You can get these at supermarkets, chemists and health food stores.

  13. Hey Susan :)
    Just a quick note on the no ‘poo trend, dermatologists don’t recommend this for all hair types. I did give it a go and it resulted in my long hair being a matted, awful mess! People with dandruff problems will make the problem worse, not better, and not shampooing your hair can also stunt hair growth and leaves a lot of dead skin cells on the scalp. My dermatologist and hair dresser both agree that super natural & gentle products (with bicarb between washes to soak up any excess oil) used once a week are best for hair health, and I’ve got to agree – my hair is really shiny and healthy, and I’m a naturally oily person :)

  14. My biggest regret was cutting all my hair off into a short n spikey! Man it took FOREVER to grow back (actually it took 5 yrs and now its finally at the length it was pre-cutting!

    Since moving back from the UK to Perth – my hair is so frizzy and boofy! No matter how much I straighten it – it still frizzes like crazy!! I think its the humidity! I spend a good hour drying/straightening only to continue straightening all day so when I do leave the house it doesnt boof! If I could add a picture I would – it will make you laugh!
    Yvette Pointon recently posted..Creamy Salmon & Chilli Angel Hair Pasta

  15. My biggest hair regret happened the day before sixth grade. I was feeling very retro and chopped my very thick curly Ariel esque hair off twelve, TWELVE, inches!!! It was up to above my shoulders. My grandfather nearly cried. It was awful and very puffy. I wore it flipped out at the ends like the sixties with a polka dot shirt. Oh how awful it was.

  16. I took the advice of a punk friend in the late ’80s and used egg white instead of hair spray to lock a Lady Di flicked fringe into place. Clearly this is better suited to permanently erect mohawks than feathered blonde bangs. It stank and took days to wash out!
    Lara recently posted..On finding my own private Dayboro

  17. Allison /

    My hair disaster was unfortunately my wedding day hair!!! Arrrgh!!!
    I’d done everything right (or so I thought), by having a meet up with the hairdresser before the big day. I told her what I wanted (a soft low chignon similar to what Jacquie O wore on her wedding day), and even showed her a picture. I said I didn’t want my hair pulled back off my face as it didn’t suit me. So… all sorted right?

    On the day, after curling my hair with a straightening iron (badly, as the curls went flat straight away… and I have very easy to curl hair normally!), she started pinning my hair up. Quite high up actually…
    It was twist, twist, pin high. Twist, twist pin high. Hmmm.
    About 3/4 of the way through I started to panic. It was nearly all pinned up at the crown, off my face. She hadn’t done the front yet and I assumed she was going to pin that all up too, so I quickly suggested a braid as one of the bridesmaids had already had that done and it looked quite nice. She braided, hairsprayed and then proceeded to show me the finished result in the mirror.
    Holy hell…. It was super high, super tight little girl pageant hair!!! Think Toddlers and Tiara’s style!

    Obviously I should have said that it was completely wrong and not what we had discussed and she should fix it, but she was a family friend and a bit sensitive (having already got a bit weird on me when I suggested the braid in desperation).

    After she left I got my bridesmaids to try to loosen it up and pull it further down. In the end it looked better, but it was not what I wanted!
    Sorry for novel length post but what a true hair disaster it was!

  18. Susan C /

    Wild Tea Party
    Yes I agree with everything you said! There are some great shampoos on the market now without the harsh chemicals that strip and overdry your hair. Those of us who have always washed frequently do so because it makes our hair easier to manage and style. But the no ‘poo does work but it has to be done properly, you have to rinse in hot water every day. My husband hasn’t used shampoo for years now, has no dandruff, no issues of any kind. But I think it’s only easy if you have very short hair like men.

    I’ve noticed there are some hairdressers that will do a trial run for your wedding day hairstyle, you go a week before, so you can iron out any problems. Sounds like a good idea.

  19. Jacquie /

    I don’t have a “biggest hair regret”, I regret my hair everyday. My dad has a natural afro, and my mum has curly hair. My hair is a literal cross between the two. Some strands form nice ringlets, while others stand straight up in the air, and the rest is frizz.

    My hair is so unmanageable that my nickname all through highschool was “Dunnybrush”.

    These days it lives in a bun, and only is let down if someone has 4 hours spare to straighten it (no exaggeration), or when it’s being washed.

  20. Oh this looks like a good product. I use Dove Soothing Cream for frizz and works great but I’ll give this a try too. =)
    Amy recently posted..Young Dove Deodorant User

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