Daily Outfit Inspirations – Gardening with Betty

GG Hotrod Promo Jan12 0045 Daily Outfit Inspirations   Gardening with Betty

Today’s outfit is a little bit work a tiny bit fantasy… all because it is something I put together for a shoot and then proceeded to have a bit of a diva moment in. The divine Bernie Dexter sent me these incredible ‘Rosie’ dungarees as, I’ll admit, somewhat of a challenge. I haven’t in my adult life worn anything like these. In fact, the last pair I owned were green candy striped with a Smurf appliqué and worn while climbing trees! Mr. SKM has always asked me about these too. Being rather partial to a more down-home kind of girl, he’s been trying to convince me to wear a pair of these for ages, but all I could think about were the bad 1990′s versions worn by teen stars in school hallways! Eeeep!

So when it came to styling these up, I found I was presented with so many choices that it is likely you’ll see them appear in multiple guises over the coming months. But firstly I had to do something entirely classic, a little Betty Grable-esque and (aside from the fabulous shoes) an outfit that is the cutest little gardening ensemble you could imagine! Happy pre-Valentines Day Mr. SKM!

True Style quote by Candice Deville Daily Outfit Inspirations   Gardening with Betty

GG Hotrod Promo Jan12 0028 Daily Outfit Inspirations   Gardening with Betty

GG Hotrod Promo Jan12 0035 Daily Outfit Inspirations   Gardening with Betty

GG Hotrod Promo Jan12 0037 Daily Outfit Inspirations   Gardening with Betty

GG Hotrod Promo Jan12 0039 Daily Outfit Inspirations   Gardening with Betty

GG Hotrod Promo Jan12 0040 Daily Outfit Inspirations   Gardening with Betty

GG Hotrod Promo Jan12 0041 Daily Outfit Inspirations   Gardening with Betty

GG Hotrod Promo Jan12 0043 Daily Outfit Inspirations   Gardening with Betty

Outfit Details

Denim Dungarees (or as they are often known in Australia – Overalls) – The “Rosie” by Bernie Dexter. Super stretchy and very comfortable light weight blue denim. Two simple side pockets, rear zip and button detail. Yes, they are super fitted and true to size, so if you like things a bit roomier, go up a size or two.

Floral shirt – Princess Highway S/S 2012

Blue shoes – Urban Originals many seasons ago

White bangle – Diva, many seasons ago

Yellow rose – hair flower made by me

Blue Hydrangea – real!

Beauty Note

Nail colour -”My Little Secret” by Missa

Lip Colour – Beseme Red

candicebannerfinalswirl e1320718732512 Daily Outfit Inspirations   Gardening with Betty

Betty grable pin up inspiration Daily Outfit Inspirations   Gardening with Betty

*All original images by Helen McLean for Super Kawaii Mama.com – Images may be reproduced with appropriate permissions. Feel free to add to Pinterest, Tumblr etc…* 

pixel Daily Outfit Inspirations   Gardening with Betty
 Daily Outfit Inspirations   Gardening with Betty
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 Daily Outfit Inspirations   Gardening with Betty
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  1. You look wonderful as always!

    Have you done a review of the Besame lipstick? I received a little leaflet on Besame products with my latest What Katie Did order, and have to say I’m pretty tempted as they all look soooo beautiful, and the colour looks divine on you! But curious about how they wear!

  2. Gorgeous Candice! So much more sexy and glamorous than the awful 90s ones! I think you’ve pulled the look off flawlessly. And what a beautiful hydrangea.

  3. Thanks for showing what these look like, I have been Googling to no avail! WAY, way too tight for my liking (argh!) and I would feel too self conscious wearing these (but my Mr would love it). But they DO look fab on you! Lucky Mr SKM.
    Carli recently posted..Review & Rant: Lynnderella One Nutty Fruitcake

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Carli: It all depends on how you like yours to fit and they do soften after a while. I wear an Aus 8-10 and these are a small size. But I also have a pair of the jeans in a Sm & Med, with the medium still fitting but being much roomier all around. I like the way these still show a figure rather than looking like grandpa’s work wear, so I think if you went up a size or two you’d find a happy medium. :)

  4. Hi Jasmine :-)
    Ordered the Besame ‘Find your perfect red’ set from Fanatique in Brighton http://www.fanantique.com.au/userimages/procart20.htm & LOVE them. High pigment & wear well following these instructions http://www.superkawaiimama.com.au/2008/05/19/how-to-wear-red-lipstick/
    Ordered first Bernie Dexter item last week (Black Siren Capris). New faves! Thanks for sharing how the Bernie Dexter items fit Candice :-)

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Jess: I’ve been getting mine from Fanantique too. :) And I’m ALWAYS happy to be the guinea pig for Bernie Dexter’s range, I <3 them (and her) so much! :)

  5. I have to say, I *adore* the fourth picture down, you could have been a Gil Elvgren girl! I literally laughed out loud when I saw it :)

    I have fond memories of living in my ‘dungies’ when I was 7, with an oh so fashionable bright red shirt with giraffes on them! Loved that outfit :) I’m not quite so I’d look so cute in them these days though :P
    Miz recently posted..The Marilyn Meme.

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Miz: Yep that 4th one was quite funny. It actually came about as there was a man next door up on scaffolding going ‘woah!’ LOL

  6. Susan C /

    Love those hydrangeas!
    p.s. I received a lovely book today, that you might like:
    The Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adoree
    also here is a great blog:

  7. You look absolutely stunning in this outfit, that blue really suits you! x
    Malayka recently posted..Photo a day: a stranger/ 10am/ dinner

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Malayka: I really love that pale blue too! The bit of colour pop with the red gives it the punch it needs. :)

  8. So cute! You wouldn’t know you’ve not worn anything like the dungarees as an adult as you look so at ease in them. I love the casualness of the dungarees offset by the flowers in your updo! Lovely.
    -Andi x

  9. I LOVE the hydrangea in your hair – the color is fabulous! And the rest of the outfit isn’t too bad either!
    Laura Mae recently posted..“The Blue Butterfly”

  10. Lovely! They really flatter your figure. I love how you’ve styled your hair too.

  11. This is such an adorable look, you are absolutely divine! x

  12. Hi Candice,

    You look amazing!!! Especially in the fourth photo down. You look positively poured into those dungarees- but in a good way. xx Princess Pin Curls

  13. Kate /

    Can we please have a tutorial on this hair style??? PLEASE!

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      KAte: Oh Kate, I’ll have to find a model for us because I cut my hair and can’t do this to myself any more!! Waaa!!! Are you in Melbourne?

  14. You look fabulous! I just love the look :)
    Katy recently posted..Interview with Pretty Me Vintage & Giveaway

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