How to Avoid the Post Holiday Blues

How to Avoid the Post Holiday Blues.

How to avoid the post holiday blues your tools of the trade How to Avoid the Post Holiday Blues

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For many of us this back to work time is one of the hardest of the year. Especially if you’re currently struggling through winter as well and haven’t seen the sun in a long time. I’m one of those odd creatures that actually looks forward to this time of year, as I love the feeling of new beginnings that it brings. So I thought I’d share some of my tips for remaining upbeat and optimistic in the face of the back to work grumps.

1. Be Organised AND Cute!

Treating yourself to new co-ordinated stationery was always one of the greatest things about heading back to school, so do the same for your work. Even if you don’t work in an office, just a cute notebook and matching pen so you can write down thoughts and ideas as they come to you.
If you’re not a paper person and have made the transition to keeping everything electronically, these treats can be new phone cases, iPad/tablet cases, updated wallpapers and lock screens, even new list making apps like Wunderlist (I ADORE this!).

2. Take the time to clean.

Cleaning out your handbag, desk, car and emails is a great way to start the year without feeling the burden of the year before. Many of you will be on top of this already, but how’s that inbox looking? Don’t be afraid to liberally apply the delete button, unsubscribe from unwanted updates, check your FB settings to make sure that your privacy is protected and you’re not getting notifications all day.

Now that you’re on top of the organization front, you can at least go back to work feeling like you have a head start.

3. Beautify your space.

If you have a desk, keep it clear – but not so clear that there is not something to rest the eyes on when you need a “calm blue oceans” moment. Fifty nick nacks is not a help, but a small plant, a picture of puppies/ kittens/ unicorns/Johnny Depp, will!
If you work in a store, or somewhere else where the space is not your own, think of things you can have on you at all times that make you feel a bit more special. Try silk knickers, a new fragrance, a locket with a picture of your happy making place. For chaps, things like gorgeous tie pins, a fresh manicure and even an old fashioned hot shave will go a long way to making you feel brand new.

4. Prepare the snappy come back.

This may sound a little pessimistic, but undoubtedly there will be those who will think nothing of ruining your holiday buzz with their kill joy attitudes. Let’s try-

“ I love being back at work, the dog wasn’t quite enough of an audience for this level of awesomeness.”
“Being back at work is just great. It really makes the weekends that much more fantastic.”
“I’m so thrilled to be back at work, I was really missing those LOL cats.”
“Lucky I’m back at work this week. Now I can stalk you in real life instead of just on FB.”
Or just mess with them and tell everyone that you can’t talk to them unless they hold up this giant @ reply cut out, cause that’s the only way you’ll pay attention these days.
… but seriously..

5. Eat well.

If you were fortunate enough to take your taste buds on a tour this break, bring the flavours back with you. Went to Thailand? Learn to cook a mean green curry and bring some to work. Sip of coconut juice for that tropical flavor. Add Pawpaw to your breakfast and relax with lemon grass tea. I know a few of you should be trying your hand and Malaysian food. And if you didn’t get away, just pretend you did and give your stomach a rest from the peanut butter sandwiches for a while.

6. Sleep.

After the New Years you had you’re still going to need it! It’s hard enough to get our body back into routine, but burn the candle at both ends and you’ll be ruined before the week is out. Plan to spend the evenings of your first week back in the most relaxing way you can. Skip the alcohol in favour of non caffeinated tea. Give yourself a foot spa or a long bath, then relax for half an hour with a chilled or warmed eye mask before hitting the hay before 10pm if you can.

These are my top tips for avoiding the post holiday blues. If you have some excellent ones that work for you, please share them in the comments. Goodness knows we can all do with a hand at this time of year!

pixel How to Avoid the Post Holiday Blues
 How to Avoid the Post Holiday Blues
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 How to Avoid the Post Holiday Blues
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  1. Lovely tips. I especially need to take heed to number 5. I couldn’t agree more that beautifying yourself and your space around you makes you feel 100x better. A clean, uncluttered life = happiness for me :)

  2. Thanks so much for these awesome tips! It really has been tough trying to get back into working full time and these will really help :)

    ~ Kieli ~

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