Designs on Melbourne’s Golden Years- Meeting Robert Fritzlaff

My long time readers may remember a while back when I had the honour of modelling for a genuine Australian fashion legend; couturier Robert Friztlaff, at a retrospective of his work by the National Trust. ┬áHis designs are impeccable, his taste flawless and his constructions exceptional. I was thrilled when Robert asked me to be his house model for this segment on ABC Arts Nation – Golden Years segment. Robert is a true gentleman and such a pleasure to work with. Watch and enjoy this look into Melbourne Vintage Fashion from the designer himself – Robert Fritzlaff.

candicebannerfinalswirl 300x68 Designs on Melbournes Golden Years  Meeting Robert Fritzlaff

pixel Designs on Melbournes Golden Years  Meeting Robert Fritzlaff
 Designs on Melbournes Golden Years  Meeting Robert Fritzlaff
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Candice DeVille

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 Designs on Melbournes Golden Years  Meeting Robert Fritzlaff
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  1. Susan C /

    That was fantastic – thanks! Those gowns were gorgeous. I totally agree with his sentiments about fashion today.

  2. Fantastic segment. You look gorgeous and modeled the beautiful garments so well!

  3. Candice congratulations in meeting such a wonderful designer and in being in the segment! You looked glamorous and lovely like always! Robert Fritzlaff designs are to die for! Such elegance!

  4. Fantastic! The garments are divine, you are gorgeous and Robert is down-to-earth charming!

  5. Fashionista /

    Thank you for the lovely footage of Mr Fritzlaff and the frocks, oh the frocks. Sigh. I went just a little bit green with envy to see you in them….

    I saw a retrospective at Como House a couple of years ago and was lucky enough to meet Mr Fritzlaff and he was delightful (and I have had a crush on him ever since!) not to mention how gorgeous the clothes were.

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