Honey Honey – A Red Hot Daily Outfit

CDv Trashy Diva 0004 e1320108083356 Honey Honey   A Red Hot Daily Outfit

When I had the opportunity to go and see Dita Von Teese launch her new vintage inspired fashion label, I knew I wanted to wear something pretty but not too over the top. Of course an occasion like that feels as though it calls for the christening of a new outfit as well, so it was the perfect opportunity to take my new ‘Honey’ dress out for a spin.

The ‘Honey’ dress by Trashy Diva, is available through my wonderful sponsor who carries all manner of beautiful vintage reproduction dresses, Miskonduckt Klothing.  I have a real fondness for their pieces, not only for their retro sensibilities but also for their quality fabrics and construction.  This dress is a gorgeous scarlet polished cottoning a heavy weight, with some stretch and a side zip. It allows for a very figure hugging fit without the danger of splitting a seam in a moment of haste.  The skirt is super full and perfect for a spin round the dance floor, but my favourite hidden feature? Pockets!  There is something so wonderful about these 1950′s style dresses with pockets on both sides of the full skirts; it just makes you want to start posing around like a movie star on her day off.  And thanks to my lovely friend Helen McLean Photography, that’s exactly what I did.

CDv Trashy Diva 0014 e1320108787872 Honey Honey   A Red Hot Daily Outfit

CDv Trashy Diva 0016 e1320109381264 Honey Honey   A Red Hot Daily Outfit

Outfit Details

Dress – ‘Honey’ dress in red by Trashy Diva of New Orleans, available from Miskonduct Klothing

Shoes – Red faux suede wedges – Spendless shoes ($40!- a great find and super comfortable)

Stockings –  Voodoo “Bombshell” seamed stockings

Suspenders – (unseen) Kiss Me Deadly Vargas roll on girdle in blue.

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Happy Melbourne Cup Day all!

pixel Honey Honey   A Red Hot Daily Outfit
 Honey Honey   A Red Hot Daily Outfit
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 Honey Honey   A Red Hot Daily Outfit
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  1. what a gorgeous dress. i love the colour.

  2. Oooh those shoes are mighty cute. Must hunt some down myself. :-)

    The dress is amazing too. I have the Trixie2 in the red cotton – it doesn’t get worn that often due to my hair but I still love it to death.

  3. You got to meet Dita! You lucky thing.
    That dress is perfect. Outfits like that bring out my inner child. When I was a kid I used to like spinning around to make my skirt fly up and out just like in the old Hollywood films.

  4. I’ve loved that dress for ages and now I find out it has pockets!!! Really pockets in a dress are the greatest thing ever.

  5. It fits you so well! I wish I had not had to work on Friday! I had planned to go see Dita’s launch but got called in. poo!

  6. Such an utterly fantastic dress! The colour is stunning and surely it’s not possible to go past a shelf-bust style. And I couldn’t agree more about the amazingness of pockets in dresses. I bought a gorgeous, black 50s-style dress recently and my love for it only grew after I put it on and discovered there were dainty little pockets worked into it.

  7. Just have to say, I adore your dress

  8. You look fabulous!! Red is definitely your colour. Love it!

  9. Very classy and sexy! These pictures look like they came out of a magazine from the 50′s~

    I love this style so much! Thanks so much for sharing this =)

  10. I LOVE this dress! The colour is gorgeous (well done on the perfect matching shoes) and that bust detail! It’s amazing… added to wishlist immediately :)


  11. This looks amazing on you!!! May I ask which size did you take for this dress? I find that TD can be a bit unforgiving especially around the waist.

    Anyway, great post – you look lovely as always!

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Kay: This dress is in a US 6, I’m a 10 in Aus sizing. The fabric does have a little stretch but you want it to be snug for the right fit. :)

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