Daily Outfit – Casual Daytime 1950′s Vintage Style for Spring

Candice DeVille closeup vintage hair and makeup casual daytime Daily Outfit   Casual Daytime 1950s Vintage Style for Spring

Yes, it is still freezing degrees here in Melbourne, but Brisbane? Brisbane was a wonderful 25 degrees!  Heading up north this weekend did wonders for my spirits and has me in full swing searching out my go to looks and colours for spring.  For today, I planned a very simple, easily packable outfit that was perfect for a day of shopping adventures. (A look at that shopping later on this week!)

A simple reproduction 1950′s dress in a blue cotton voile, a coral cardigan, lemon yellow chiffon petticoat and a pair of black ballet flats.

casual day outfit reproduction vintage dress and cardigan in coral Daily Outfit   Casual Daytime 1950s Vintage Style for Spring

Close up of coral cardigan and swallow brooch Daily Outfit   Casual Daytime 1950s Vintage Style for Spring

Trashy Dive Blue dress with coral cardigan Daily Outfit   Casual Daytime 1950s Vintage Style for Spring

Outfit Details

Blue “Trixie” dress by Trashy Diva (in other news, Miskonduct Klothing is now bringing in a select range of Trashy Diva dresses to Australia!)

Coral Cardigan – Random super cheap Chinese clothing store find.

Swallow Brooch – taken from my Dior T-Shirt circa 2004

Cream cutwork bangle – Diva

Lemon Chiffon Petticoat – vintage

Black Ballet flats – Aerosoles (Great for walking miles)

Lipstick note – “Fresh Berry”, by Savvy. Available at Priceline for $4.99


~Stay tuned tomorrow for my exclusive, one on one interview with Micheline Pitt of Pinup Girl Clothing fame!~ 

pixel Daily Outfit   Casual Daytime 1950s Vintage Style for Spring
 Daily Outfit   Casual Daytime 1950s Vintage Style for Spring
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 Daily Outfit   Casual Daytime 1950s Vintage Style for Spring
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  1. Meghan /

    I’ve seen several lovely photos of you wearing these wonderful petticoats. Where in the world do you get them? I know you said that this one was vintage, but I didn’t know if you had a good website to get them. I was looking at http://www.pinupgirlclothing.com, but they only have red, black, and white and I’m looking for fancier colors! Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Try ebay! I have several that I have bought from (I think) spin dance clothing. They are as synthetic as they come, but they work really well and come in heaps of colours (I have red, black, bright blue and gold). They will arrive in a tiny bag, but follow the directions to immerse in water, then line dry and you will have full lovely petticoats.

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Meghan: Malco Mode have THE BEST range of petticoats in all kinds of colours. The difficulty is fining a retailer for them. Try searching fort hem using the brand name in eBay and elsewhere and see how you go.

      • Merrian /

        This is a 1950′s petticoat pattern that evidently appeared in TV week in response to a picture of a singer with lots petticoats made by her mother:
        1. Materials: nine yards of Nylon net – 72 inches wide; 48 yards of satin ribbon – one-inch wide.
        2. Cut top with net double thickness in complete circle. Length of top depends on person’s height
        3. Cut remaining eight yards of net lengthwise into eight strips, each nine inches wide. Each strip will be eight yards long. Gather and sew two strips of net to bottom of circular top. Gather and sew the remaining six strips of net to bottom of first ruffle. Bind bottom with ribbon. Finished petticoat is 48 yards at hem.

  2. You look divine, as always! That dress is so pretty :).

  3. That is one gorgeous dress!

  4. I love that brooch, it’s so cute! Such lovely spring colours.

  5. The perfect look for a bit of casual elegance. Lovely!

  6. I must ask, how long does it take you to do your hair? I just can’t imagine putting in that much work on a daily basis!

    You look fab-o I must say though!

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Lisa: Thanks! The hair takes all of about 2 minutes if you have set it previously. Otherwise, if you have to set it that morning it takes about 5 minutes to put the rollers in, then later about 3 minutes to style. Nothing at all really!

  7. You look so pretty, I love the dress and the cardigan goes really well too!

  8. Aline Sum /

    you re so lovely-I really love your style

  9. i love this color combination! so vibrant and cheerful. and i especially love your little birdie pin. you’re just styled pretty, head-to-toe!

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