A Personal Stylist and Spending Money – Shopping Heaven!

A Nuffnang sponsored post in which you can WIN a personal stylist, me and $1000 spending money!!!

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When I tweeted the other day that I was heading into Westfield to experience a personal styling session, a great cry went up of “Oh no, you’re not going to loose your vintage styling are you?” Let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth, but I was indeed off on an adventure.

As a part of their new Personal Styling services, Westfield invited me to spend the morning with one of their top stylists and experience what they have to offer. And what fun we had!


Candice DeVille with the Westfield Stylist A Personal Stylist and Spending Money   Shopping Heaven!


When I met up with Jo my stylist, I’ll admit to feeling some trepidation about what awaited me. I knew that the khaki trend and I were not on friendly terms, and the leopard print body suits and I were experiencing some generation gap issues; but I was ready to put myself in her skilled hands and see what resulted.

Our first and most essential port of call was to stop for a much-needed coffee and a bit of a chat about my style.  I knew I wasn’t going to be the easiest client in the world, but that is surely one way to test out someone’s skills. Jo and I talked about my style, key elements that are important to me, my rules for ‘never’ (thigh high hems for instance), pieces that are missing from my wardrobe and trends I’d like to experiment with.  To my mind, the biggest benefit of using a personal stylist like Jo is the knowledge they can send you away with.  Not just a simple, “oh cute top!” but in teaching you about your body type, what works, what doesn’t and why.  And with that aim in mind we set out to find some cute ensembles that fit my personal style brief, but also to show you what didn’t work for me and why.

We started out at Forever New, which is full of leopard print, nudes and super soft knits this season. I always fall in love with their advertising images and the overall look of the store, but falter when I see the hemlines. Still, we decided to see what creative combinations we could come up with. And this was the winning Forever New ensemble.


Candice DeVille in Forever New Westfield stylist A Personal Stylist and Spending Money   Shopping Heaven!


I’d found this lovely nude beaded dress with a strong 1920’s vibe, but it was cut a good 6 inches above my knee! It was also far too straight up and down for my figure, so we made a few key additions. Finding another ribbon trimmed skirt, we added that underneath, crinoline style, to give it length and volume. Then we used a wide beaded belt to give the dress more waist definition. Topped of with a cropped and beaded angora cardigan, it all came together to create a look that was more elegant princess than tall slender flapper (which I clearly am not). We liked the look, but knew it wasn’t quite on the money, so the adventure continued.

As we wandered around a few more stores, Jo and I decided we would show you just what it is a stylist does for you.  It isn’t just taking you to a random bunch of stores and finding pretty things, (you can do that yourself), but it is in finding out the science of shape, colour and finish that make pieces work for you; or not.   So I decided to be brave and take some shots of the Sad outfit as well as the Happy outfits and what the difference was.


cue black lace dress stylng A Personal Stylist and Spending Money   Shopping Heaven!


I’ve never worn a lace dress (being scared by Madonna in the 80’s), but wanted to try out this one in Cue.  But as you can see, some very small details make very big differences. The pic on the left has the sleeves sitting right on top of the shoulder, not at all flattering for my broad shoulders but the pic on the right has them spread out to make a little cap.  Although the difference is actually about 2cm in reality, the overall effect is very different.

But it wasn’t just the sleeves that made a huge difference; let’s see what happens when we add a belt to define the waist.


cue belt on lace dress composite A Personal Stylist and Spending Money   Shopping Heaven!


I happen to have a long torso, as Jo quickly picked up seeing me in this dress. And as I love the hourglass shape I want to make sure my waist is always defined, but can you see what a difference is made by where I wore the belt?


cue plaid dress with different width belts A Personal Stylist and Spending Money   Shopping Heaven!


It isn’t just where you wear the belt, it’s the width as well.  This plaid dress came off the rack with the belt on the left.  It does nothing for me and nothing for the dress, but switch it out for a wider version and yes!  (Excuse the dishevelled hair, lots of change room shenanigans here..)

Thinking beyond the way something comes off the hanger opens up a world of possibilities. I really liked this plaid taffeta dress, but look what happened when we undid the zip a bit and pinned the neckline differently.


cue plaid dress with altered neckline A Personal Stylist and Spending Money   Shopping Heaven!

Total win!

But what about colour? Most of us think we know what suits us and often won’t go near other colours. Sometimes we put something on and think it’s all wrong, but is it the shape that’s the problem or the colour?


cue dress and cardigan A Personal Stylist and Spending Money   Shopping Heaven!


Both cute looks, but the punchy colour on the left is infinitely better on me. Jo knew we could make this even better by taking that same winning colour and picking another shape.


cue winning outfit of the day A Personal Stylist and Spending Money   Shopping Heaven!


This was my absolute favourite outfit of the day. The colour, the shape, the balance… and all still very much a ‘me’ look.

Having access to your very own personal style fairy godmother at Westfield, is something that you can use if you’re brand new to the fashion game or even if you have a strong personal sense of style. It isn’t about changing what you love to fit in with the crowd, but to find the secrets of unlocking the best versions of the looks you love- just for you.

You can get a taste of what a Westfield stylist can offer you right now with a complimentary 15 minute session in any of the Westfield fashion centres; but that’s just the beginning. Here’s the brilliant news…. You could win a Personal Styling Session with both your Westfield stylist and me! And not only that, but you’ll also win $1000 to spend on your big day out Could it possibly get any better than that?!

All you have to do is tell me Why you need a Westfield Personal Styling Session for your chance to win the lot!

The winner will be the best entry as chosen by me, so make sure you tell me your story.

Entries are open from Tuesday March 29 – Tuesday 12th April. The conest is open anywhere in Australia, but you must be in Melbourne or able to make your own way here to redeem your prze.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

So don’t waste a second getting stylish and tell me why YOU need a Westfield Style Session now!!

pixel A Personal Stylist and Spending Money   Shopping Heaven!
 A Personal Stylist and Spending Money   Shopping Heaven!
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Candice DeVille

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 A Personal Stylist and Spending Money   Shopping Heaven!
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  1. Ryan /

    I personally don’t need a personal styling session (well, i probably do) but I want to win one for my wife who very much deserves one. She is in LOVE with vintage fashion and deserves to win for all her hard work she does holding our house together and homeschooling our four girls (plus she does a remarkable job of putting up with me). I would love to spoil her with a vintage shopping spree but don’t have the means, and i am definitely not the best vintage shopping buddy for her to go along with.

    • I was about to post why I thought I deserved one, but after reading this comment and thinking back to how lovely my life is going right now and how much clothing I have purchased recently, I can’t help but feel that the commenter above should be the winner, hands down!!! How sweet :)
      Bethany Nrekic recently posted..Pet Peeves

  2. Christina /

    Every time the cold weather approaches, I question what exactly I wore last winter. Because it certainly feels like there’s nothing in my wardrobe to choose from. A snuggie, perhaps? I would love a Westfield Style Session to help me select pieces that I will not look straight past after a few wears. And $1000 spending money…who doesn’t need that!?

  3. Laura /

    I’ve noticed that I am in the middle of a style-rutt. I seem to cycle the same three outfits! I’d love to learn more about what would look good on me & what’s fashionable right now.
    Besides, I’ve been wanting an excuse to travel to Melbourne for months now.

    It would be an honest pleasure to meet you!

  4. I adore that plaid dress! It’s beautiful. I’d wear it in a heartbeat.

  5. Rachel /

    I’m getting married in October and I’ll be 30 next year, I think I need a wardrobe update, I still have things in there from when I was 19! The $1000 wardrobe and stylist would make such a massive difference and help make me feel like the woman I’ve turned into and not the child I once was.

  6. Helen /

    This has been a year I will never forget – I have recently got married and graduated from university…but I would love to translate these wonderful events into my now sad, old wardrobe. I seem to have three very different wardrobes with some treasured items that don’t get worn much. They are either vintage, uni or casual and I’d would love to have the knowledge to build something knew for this next chapter in my life – work and free-time!! : )

  7. Sarah /

    I’ve got what my husband affectionately calls a “j-lo booty”, but chain stores just call size 14 – 16. But just to throw the rest for a loop, I have a size 6 waist, slender upper frame, narrow shoulders and stand proud on short legs at just 5″ tall.

    A day shopping usually progresses like this: After trying a dozen pairs of pants that are too long in the crotch, or too tight in the thighs but loose on the waist – thats when the defeat starts to creep in. So thats when I switch back to my staple skirt and dresses – but unless its a circle skirt, by the time I get to a size that will fit around my hips and behind, its like a hoola hoop around my waist. So we’re looking for a circle skirt now. The ever elusive circle skirt. Sometimes I find them, although I’m convinced i’d have to sew four together before they even reached my knee. Surely nobody wants to see the thighs that match the j-lo booty. And that’s when the complete utter loss sets it and the tears are only a pair of “boots that won’t get around my calves” away.

    I start out in high spirits, with a good attitude and money to spend, and come home teary. Most of the time its easier just not to shop. And that’s why you will find the same 5 year old outfits on high rotation in my wardrobe.

    I need to know how to shop at chain and department stores, to suit my figure. I want shopping to be fun again. I want to get past being able to get something to fit – and be to try new trends. I would like to own a pair of pants!

    The worse part is that i work in a clothing store – I can’t help but feel if I can’t dress myself, how can I dress others.

    Super Kawaii mama, I need a westfield style session now!

  8. Evelyn /

    I’m a 26 year old Melbourne gal with broad shoulders and a pear-shaped body. I would love to learn what actually suits me in this era of horrid hipster jeans and tops that come down to my knees. (Your pictures give me hope that gorgeous outfits are out there for me too!)
    It’s been near impossible to find anything (especially for winter) that fits me and comes under my minimal budget. I tend to dress in the same boring clothes day after day (plain tees, black work pants, jeans or trackpants), and would love to have some help to maximise my assets in a classy, kawaii way.

  9. Having recently added a third child to our family in three and a half years and suffering from severe PND I had lost myself. As recently as this week I realised that making the effort to dress well makes me feel better and motivates me to try and get back to being a healthy, happy me.
    Unfortunately, we have just moved and my husband has just changed jobs so there is little room in the budget for me to replace my holey, out of style, years old clothes that I have been wearing (to death) since my first pregnancy.
    Becky recently posted..52 Weeks Week 38- Ive Cracked It!

  10. Angie /

    I need a personal styling session because I feel that dressing in happy, colourful clothes has helped me cope with dysthymia [an uncommon form of depression], yet all I seem to own is black! I love wearing colour but don’t know where to start or how to mix it in. My condition, along with an insulin problem, has caused me to gain 10kgs in about 6 months so I also don’t have much that fits well, which is hard to deal with as a 19 year old student living on the carer’s pension. Anyway, I love vintage fashion and would like to learn how to incorporate that style with modern fashion in a colourful way that suits my shape!

  11. I was lucky enough to spend 18 months backpacking around Europe and the UK. Trapsing around with my life in a backpack was fun, but boy did I get sick of wearing the same clothes over and over and over again.
    I returned to Australia to find an old, out of date wardrobe and I find myself suffering from an image identity crisis. On top of this I have managed to shift a few kilos and have discovered a waist that I never knew I had, and don’t know what to do with.
    With you assistance and $1000 I know we could have a lot of fun re-creating my image and a wardrobe that will serve me well for the next adventures life throws at me.

  12. Alison McD /

    I’m a girl who has recently moved to Melbourne, who always used to dress in jeans and tee, but have now fallen completely in love with the Vintage fashion down here. I’ve often found it frustrating when trying on clothes to find things that aren’t too tight here or too short there, and would love your advice on those minor tweaks that make all the difference. I have the curves that suit the 50′s style dressing, and I really love that about myself, though I lack the confidence to really work it. Hoping to get the chance to meet you so I can step out and be proud of my body and show others that they can too.
    Thank you!

  13. Kate /

    I desperately need help. I am turning forty in July and still feel like an eighteen year old when I go shopping the way I am drawn to all the ‘younger’ shops. Last time I made myself go into the ‘older’ shops but all the grannies were in there!!! Where the hell am I meant to shop? What am I supposed to wear? I have a special dinner to dress for in May, a High Tea in July and I haven’t a clue what to wear. Please help me.

  14. Since resigning from my job in February, I have, sadly, reverted to my mummy uniform of trakky daks or jeans and a t-shirt. The main reason is that I find it so hard to find clothes that fit, that I like and can afford. I have no idea what clothes suit me – I sometimes see myself as a hippy, am also attracted to they Gypsy look, but most of all I love to feel comfortable and pretty.

    Since becoming a sole parent over two years ago, I haven’t really had an opportunity to spend a lot of time on myself or think about my style. I just get on with what needs to be done and hope my clothes are clean.

    A day out with a stylist would boost my self-esteem beyond belief and make me feel special again…
    Dorothy recently posted..Point and Shoot – AusKick

  15. Once upon a time, I was a woman who looked professional. I had matching shoes and bags. My hair was cut and coloured every six weeks without fail and I never left the house without my face on.

    Then I had children. Four children to be exact.

    These days I wear my Mummy Uniform of jeans, runner and hoodies. Mostly because I’ve changed size so many times over the past 8 years that not much of what I won actually fits flatteringly any more. And the chances of my actually shopping for clothes and getting to try them on without toddler boy decapitating a mannequin or baby girl calling for a boob are pretty darned slim.

    My baby is 5 months old and my days of growing and birthing children are done. I’m ready to embrace the grown up me and start dressing like I am someone again. I want to put the yummy into Mummy!

    Please help me!!
    katesaysstuff recently posted..Mamaguilt

  16. Having had 5 beautiful babies and finished growing our family, I am trying to find my sense of style again. In between babes, I tended to just buy the essentials and the basic staples for the wardrobe. Now I would like to start buying a few “investment” pieces, but don’t know where to really start.
    PlanningQueen recently posted..Slowing Down With Better Time Management

  17. Suzy /

    Hellooo Super Kawaii Mama,
    I need a session because……I’m worth it : )

    Mostly it’s also because 2 years after having my first baby I have just finally lost all the baby weight & am finally feeling really inspired & great.

    We moved to a remote town (for my hubby’s work) a few yrs ago & I have unfortunately been a bit influenced by the non fashion here (I was only wearing my ‘best’ clothes for my bi mthly Melb home trips).

    So having lost my groove, I would love a stylist to tell me what really suits me & how to work it : ) It would be a dream!!

    Thanks also for the awesome blog, I only stumbled across it recently & it is just sooo fab!!

  18. Ina Jalil /

    I really need a personal styling session because although I have heaps of clothes in my wardrobe, I don’t know how to pair things and match things together to make it look nice. I also have trouble choosing clothes that actually suits me and makes me look good in my shape.

    So I really think I need session to update my wardrobe and to advice me how to wear something that will accentuate my shape.

  19. Michelle /

    I need a Westfield Stylist and Super Kawaii Mama to help me so I too can attain ‘super’ status!

    I am facing a crossroads in life and I’m on a course of change and evolution – I’ve just lost 8kg, run my first 10K and career wise I am on the cusp of something bigger, better and greater. I have the skills and the drive – now I need my visual identity to blow their minds! KA-POW!

    Currently my wardrobe speaks of ‘Nice career girl who’s lost weight that’s why her dress is a little sacklike’.

    I believe a Westfield stylist and Super Kawaii Mama can be my secret weapons to help me bust out my own super identity – ‘Wonder woman who can change your world that’s why she has a gold cuffs and a whip!’ (Partly kidding!)

    Please help me dress powerfully and evocatively, with intent and focus, but without losing creativity and flair!

    Mind you, I wasn’t always this confident – when I was a little supergirl struggling with her elusive identity, I too chose the bad hair and fluorescent tights. Yes, I chose Supergirl’s mock turtleneck tight top which over emphasized my super chest, not realising that Wonder Woman’s corset was far more empowering and freeing.

    Fast forward to now, I’m ready to take on the world but I can’t afford to hire The Incredibles Edna Mode to redesign my wardrobe.

    So please Super Kawaii Mama and Westfield, be my super stylists and save me from fashion disaster, style ruin and from being anything less than super!

    (partly inspired by your post on capes!)

  20. Pauline /

    I NEED a Westfield Stylist due to many reasons. The most recent reason is, Since the death of our 7 week old daughter in Jan 2010, i have let myself go due to my grief. I also have post traumatic stress disorder and severe depression. I would love to have someone show me what makes me look my best as my self esteem is non existent.I would love to have the confidence in myself to be able to go out and about knowing im looking my best. To be able to purchase $1,000 worth of clothes and accessories would be beyond my wildest dreams.

  21. I have a passion, love and a deep appreciation for vintage style. I would love to have the Westfield stylist to attain more guidance, structure and knowledge to attain the vintage 40s/50s look. It would also be amazing to own more beautiful vintage style pieces in my wardrobe.

    This fashion is more than just style to me, it’s becoming a way of life to dress this way and you are part of this wonderful influence. I’m 19 and feel like more young women my age should dress with poise and respect. I feel confident when I dress this way, happy and unique.

    As I start to get more mature and get further in my university studies I want to enter my adulthood with this same love for vintage fashion and having this oppotunity to have a stylist and to purchase clothes that I have a passion for would really mean so much to me and it would be one of the best things to have ever happened to me.

  22. Jasmine /

    Aside from being rather poor, my body has been like that of a stranger since pregnancy. My shape changed, and despite losing a lot of the weight, all of a sudden I’m left with hips and backside that I’d never previously had to deal with. My mother went shopping with a personal stylist a few years ago and I saw how much it helped her out, and I’d love the opportunity to learn more about how to dress for my shape/colouring … and the money to actually put into practice what I’ve learnt!

    I see a stylist as being someone who can help you to get that ‘this is my go-to-outfit’ feeling EVERY DAY, and an opportunity to learn how to invest in key pieces that really work. And hopefully someone who can help even out that old thing about ‘we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time’.

  23. Great post! I never appreciated how much of a difference a stylist could make to get the little details right. Your sad and happy outfits are so different and really demonstrate how when something works, it really works!

    I desperately need a styling session! I had a baby 7 weeks ago and my body shaped has changed such that I can’t fit into most of my old clothes. I’m sick of wearing my maternity gear but I’m still a size bigger than before and have a HUGE chest with breastfeeding. So I really need help to find stylish clothes which look good now but will still be wearable when I (hopefully) go back to my pre-baby weight, which suit my currently boxier figure (wahhh – definitely nothing with a high neck), is easily washable (no time to dry-clean with a new bub) and hopefully breastfeeding friendly so I don’t have to wrestle with my top in public. But please, no ‘breastfeeding’ clothes either – I have never worn Tshirts and singlets pre-baby and I don’t really fancy doing so now.

    It’s a challenge but I’m sure you and the Westfield stylish are up to it!

    Jetsetting Joyce
    Jetsetting Joyce recently posted..NOT- Thanh Nga Nine- 160 Victoria St- Richmond

  24. Amanda /

    Well fashion and I,
    it must be said
    we’ve gone through many a stage.
    The Madonna years,
    The ‘Courtney Love’,
    but bring on Betty Page!

    I love the lines,
    Adore those shapes
    the style and the taste
    the attituide and bright red lips,
    Just wish I had that waist!

    Around there I’m a 36,
    my bust a 39,
    to nip it in, and know how to
    would truly be DIVINE!

  25. Indra Arifin /

    I have stopped looking after what I wear for more than a year now since I was diagnosed with terminal illness.

    After watching Trinny and Susannah on TV last night on how looking good can really make you feel good about yourself, I am determined to somehow get myself out of the rut and live the best that I can while I can — that includes looking good for everyone and live life to the very max every step of the fashion time! :)

  26. Katherine /

    After seven years in tertiary education, I pretty much had a set style – student schlump. After all those years of scrimping (and the freshman five, which has stuck around ever since) my wardrobe is mostly composed of op-shop clothes (not the nice Vintage kind, either) that are generally a size or two too small for these Holloway hips.

    So here I am in my first year of full time, gainful employment, and boy did I have plans! I was going to save up and go on a big shopping spree, buy up work clothes and weekend clothes than made me look and feel great. What’s more, I wanted clothes that would help me feel confident in my foray into internet dating. It has been a long time since my last date, Super Kawaii Mama. *I* can appreciate what I have to offer, but it would be nice to have someone to help me out with that.

    But between living expenses and a big unexpected expense, the only new clothes I’ve been able to afford were a new pair of orthopaedic shoes – how boring!

    With a Westfield Stylist and some spending money, I could figure out what looked good on me, and then BUY it – providing a much needed confidence boost for work and (gulp!) dating. I could throw out or donate those old or poorly fitting clothes and go from drab to fab in one fell swoop.

    Help me, Super Kawaii Mama, you’re my only hope!

  27. I need a style session because I need to know how it feels to feel like a woman!

    My body is beautiful, I know what shapes suit me, I know what I love, but I find it so hard to translate the looks I like and my knowledge of myself into a fun and feminine result! As a teen I was a punk rock kid, and now I find it hard to use my tastes in new ways to look like me, but a “grown up”.

    I remember looking at women when I was younger and just being in awe of their glamour and femininity. They wore beautiful dresses and stockings and heels and handbags, their makeup never slid off their faces and their hair was perfectly coiffed. I thought they were amazing, and wanted so badly to look like that when i was older.

    I am now probably past the age of the women I admired, and yet I still dress like a skater kid in singlets and skinny leg jeans and sneakers. Although for me it’s comfortable and practical, and although I still feel most like ‘me’ when i wear these things, I feel like I missed the boat when it comes to the joys of dressing up and flaunting my femininity.

    At age 27, I think it’s time to embrace my womanhood and leave behind the bratty teenager of my past. I want to feel like me, but a better, more sophisticated, more elegant, sexy and sassy version of myself.

    Please help me find my inner pinup and let her sparkle!
    Stellar recently posted..Your last kiss

  28. Wow, SKM! I am amazed at what those little details can do for a look!

    Since having my 2 boys, I have been living in jeans (which are developing holes in the knees from being on the floor so much!) and t-shirts. Now that my second is starting to crawl about on his own and not drool over my shoulders (and arms and legs) constantly, I can start wearing something else but I’ve been too intimated and time-poor to shop properly on my own.

    I would love for a professional eye to help me try things that I may not pick out on my own.

  29. Erica /

    T-shirt and jeans are a staple, and a must, but what is a girl to do when she wants to feel pretty? Why she looks for a dress. But oh what a drama it can be when you are a bigger girl, and don’t want to wear some of the ahem, interesting excuses, I mean pieces of clothing that come out for the larger girl market.

    I would love to know what would go with my dark hair and eyes, and larger frame, just so that I can make my husband look up from his computer game and go “WOW”. Gotta love when you manage that!

    <3 E

  30. I would love to win a session with the Westfield stylist to help refine my wardobe and find items that work for my body shape and pretty pale skin (some would say lily white). I really struggle finding winter clothes and gave up on trying to find great pants a long time ago (they don’t work with my pear shape). On top of this, I work in a design office and would love to have some clothing that fits the ‘look’ expected in the office but still embraces my love of vintage style and dresses.

  31. Alissia /

    Hello Super Kawii Mama,

    There are a few reasons I feel I deserve the Westfield personal Styling session with your beautiful self, not to mention the $1000 cash. I have just had my 31st birthday and I feel I am finally getting to place within myself with which I am truly happy. I believe a large part of this may be attributed to me crossing the threshold into the wonderful world of all things vintage. I have also worked on making myself a better person in general over the past few years and am really starting to feel comfortable in who I am.

    With that being said I am still new to vintage style of dress and feel my look and confidence could be enhanced by the opportunity to spend a few hours with one of our modern day fashion icons like yourself. The money would certainly help to bolster the wardrobe with some weld directed acquisitions.

    Love the blog and hoping to meet you


  32. Hi Candice,

    Oh my goodness so many worthy applicants for a Personal Styling Session with you and a personal stylist from Westfield! It is going to be such a tough decision, but whatever happens, please continue to post these comparison style photos. They are really so helpful. Even just seeing the placement of a belt or collar makes it all so much clearer.

    A little about me. I’m 37 years old. I’m happily married to a loving man who I met 16 years ago. Together we have 2 preschool age daughters who I love to pieces. Since I met my husband so young, my fashion sense has kind of stood still at circa late 1990s and I can count the number of shoes I own on one hand, however since discovering your blog, over a year ago now, I have been thinking more about my appearance, my hair and my makeup.

    My weight has levelled off now after increasing for many years, but as a size 24 and years of feeling frumpy, I am now on a mission… I want to become Forty, Fit and Fabulous!

    Your blog and beautiful posts have been incredibly inspiring to me and I think a personalised session with you and a Westfield stylist would be a wonderful opportunity!

    And so all the best, to all the applicants, it’s going to be a difficult choice. I hope it’s me, but if not, I’ll continue to grow and learn from you and look forward to reading many more of your posts. Thanks again, Lorri Shaw xx
    Lorri recently posted..Making Playdough

  33. Hi SuperKawaiiMama,

    I love your blog. This is a super duper giveaway.

    Anyway, I really need a personal stylist session STAT!!

    I turned 30 last year – yes, no longer in my 20′s – sob sob… But that’s the thing, I have realised I cannot pull off certain looks anymore – I can’t be supercute and superkawaii anymore. SIGHS. I also got married as well – and you know what that means? Weight gain ahoy! My mum came to visit me a few weeks ago (I’m from Scotland btw – so I am a Scottish Asian in Melbourne and people love my accent for some bizarre reason…) and she brought me lots of clothes and stuff – nothing fits!!!! My work trousers are ALL too tight!! :( Maybe I will have to accept the fact that I will be a frumpy housewife foreverrrrrrrr – nooooooooooooo, I wanna be a MILF like you ;)

  34. I’ve just found your blog today and would love the chance to win a shopping voucher.

    I’m a 28 yr old mummy to 5 kids who has gone from a happy and healthy size 10 to a unhappy and excess baby weight carrying size 14-16. Since having my 5th child in August last year, I have been on a weightloss journey to find my way back to that happy and healthy size 10. In nearly 2 months I have been able to lose nearly 10 kgs and I’m starting to find that my clothes done fit me anymore, and I need to find styles that suit me as a Mum but are still stylish and functional so that I feel sexy and confiident for my husband!

  35. Perri /

    Dear SuperKawaiiMama,

    I would love to have a Westfield voucher and personal styling session with yourself.
    I’ve fallen hard for the styles of women’s clothing that some of the Swing and Rollerderby folks wear.
    I found your blog while looking into Melbourne bloggers and stores for Swing/Rollerderby/Rockabilly looks.
    I LOVE your sense of style and poise and hope I can achieve something akin to this.
    I would like to improve my overall presentation on a daily basis, especially at work.
    The styling session with you would be a fantastic fist step for me.

  36. To be honest I love my own styling but since loosing 12 kilo’s I’m lost for tops! I have no idea what really suits me any more and need some help and some Westfield magic!

    I’d love to see how you would style me as you are a rockabilly/vintage style icon and it would be the most epic day of dress-ups!

  37. Tanya-T /

    Dear SKM,

    While I am a long-time reader of your blog and absolutely adore your posts, I am really hoping to win the Westfield voucher and styling session with you for my mum. In her fabulous 50s unfortunately times have not been so fabulous for her. Having recently divorced and lost a LOT of weight, she is in great need of a pick-me-up. I would do anything to make her smile but being a student my finances are pretty stretched to say the least. We both love reading through your vintage advice together and I love how it lights her up. She definitely needs her inner MILF (or maybe cougar) unleashed!

  38. Pamela /

    Why I NEED a Westfield Personal Styling Session?
    Hmmm. I suppose I don’t strictly need it, but golly gosh it would be nice!
    My fashion sense has been sadly dormant in the year and a half since the birth of my first child. I feel like I’m just waking up from hibernation, and oh dear do I need to update my poor wardrobe (not to mention my dearly devoured accessories and makeup… Eek!).
    Say it with me my fellow mummies ‘I will not live in jeans anymore!’.
    I desperately need to figure out how to flatter this new body of mine (breastfeeding makes your bosom explode, who knew?), and work with what I’ve got, not what I used to have.
    Besides, my husband and I are heading to Tasmania in the middle of winter (We’re going freeze, I am resigned to this) on our first real holiday since our honeymoon and I’d love to knock his socks off!

  39. Pamela /

    P.S. I only found your blog two days ago, and am simply loving it.
    I have a massive crush on your wardrobe, and am sitting here at midnight on a Monday with a bold red lip and vintage inspired hair, just because you inspired me to play after my little miss went to sleep.
    So thank you!
    I love being all dolled up, so your blog has been a truly timely and much needed find for me. xoxo

  40. There are so many worthy entries so far, but I want to throw my hat into the ring – c’mon, the opportunity to meet you, score a $1k shopping spree, with a stylist, is too good to pass up!

    I’m a vintage girl at heart, specifically the 1950s. I love the hair, the makeup and the clothes (men from that period were not too shabby either)! I spend far too many hours trawling international online vintage and repro shopping sites, adding ridiculous amounts of gorgeous clothing and accessories to my online wishlist.

    Like so many, I’m also on a tight budget, but see my wardrobe as an investment. To me, clothes are an extension of my personality. I want to feel fabulous in everything I wear, but often struggle to find items that fit in with my vintage aesthetic in Australia (hence my preoccupation with Etsy, US and UK eBay, Pinupgirl Clothing, Heartbreaker etc).

    I’d love to spend a day with a stylist, who can give me the insight and confidence to pick out items from chain stores to incorporate into my wardrobe and ones which will suit me. Getting to spend some time with you Super Kawaii Mama would be the cherry on top!

  41. Pamela /

    Congratulations to whichever one of you lucky ladies won!
    I hope you have an absolute blast.
    Hope to see some photos too… ;)

  42. Sherene /

    I was lucky enough to spend 18 months backpacking around Europe and the UK. Trapsing around with my life in a backpack was fun, but boy did I get sick of wearing the same clothes over and over and over again.
    I returned to Australia to find an old, out of date wardrobe and I find myself suffering from an image identity crisis. On top of this I have managed to shift a few kilos and have discovered a waist that I never knew I had, and don’t know what to do with.
    Sherene recently posted..Gold and Silver Investments


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