Gothic Lolita Nail Art

DSC05431 Gothic Lolita Nail Art

I’ve been looking for a good excuse to work some lace style nails (not that I need one) and this weekend proved just the time.  So I sat down on Thursday night and spent a couple of hours coming up with these beautiful modern, gothic lolita creations and couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out!

Each one is hand painted using a cheap black and white nail varnish from a discount store, and the lace type art work is done with a nail dotting pen found at The Face Shop.  They give a fantastic degree of control and with a little imagination you can create all manner of things.  I added some simple clear diamentes and my favorite – Cameo’s – to the thumb nails!

Total LOVE!

DSC05422 Gothic Lolita Nail Art DSC05420 Gothic Lolita Nail Art DSC05427 Gothic Lolita Nail Art

pixel Gothic Lolita Nail Art
 Gothic Lolita Nail Art
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Candice DeVille

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 Gothic Lolita Nail Art
Even more!

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  1. Thanks to you and Violet I’ve been doing my own nail art too! I don’t have long nails, and I stick to 2D designs because I wreck my nails on a day to day basis, but I’m loving it. People always comment too, even though my designs are simple.

    I really like this black and white set you’ve done, they remind me a lot of my illustrations!

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Natalie: Oh excellent! And that is an idea too, perhaps we could do a set actually based on your illustrations..

  2. Awsome!!! And I’d love to see the outfit too.

  3. Love the cameos!

  4. Ooo, very fancy. I hope we get to see the outfit?

    I am far too uncoordinated for this kind of thing, but certainly admire your excellent efforts xx

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Amy: Yes, you sure will. Saving that one till tomorrow. :)

  5. woah! those cameos are amazing! are they designed to be for nails or did you steal them from somewhere else?

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Camile: The cameos are from the jewellery section at the fabric shop. They are by Bitz and Pieces and come in a pack of about 8 I believe.

  6. Fran /

    I like the change in background color.. not ‘blatant’ like you would expect. It has such a nice balance. SO FUN!

  7. Nicki /

    Woah, absolutely beautiful. I presume that would take a very steady hand so well done! I love that lace look, it’s come out so well. (:

  8. this is so crazy, you must have such a steady hand!
    fits you perfect

  9. i like the victorian side of your nails especially with the cameo ………J’ adore^^!!!!!! your nail are in resin or in gel because it seem to me very light?

    i like so your blog, that i put him in like on mine……..that does’t distrub you?
    good days byebye

  10. those nails are awesome!! i usually have gel nails on (still waiting for the good glue to come instock), but u have given me some great ideas to paint over the top, will have to search for these elusive pens thou! i live on the gold coast & haven’t seen a Face Shop!

    ps. loving the new site :)

  11. *gasps* Are we going to see SKM… in a gothic lolita co-ord? I’m excited by this potential new direction; I have plenty of friends who wear lolita on a regular basis and would love to see what you can do with it!

  12. Yes, please post photos of the outfit :) I’m very intrigued :)

  13. Pretty! I need to get a nail dotting pen too! I have no idea that they have it at The Face Shop!

  14. Fran /

    Can you post a picture of this nail dotting pen at some time? I’d really be interested in seeing the ‘making of’ these designs when you have time.

  15. Great design! I’ve recently received some cameos but have to idea what to pair them up with. I’ve always wanted to try to draw lace, but it’s so hard to draw with my left hand as I draw straight onto my natural nails.

  16. Jaede /

    They look wonderful !! I wish I had the time to do something like that but I always seem to be busy with some other project !!! Can’t wait to see the outfit too.

  17. Eunice /

    I love how black and white looks! You did a good job :)

  18. floraposte /

    Complete fabulosity! Can’t wait to see the outfit.
    Okay lets all sing along (to the tune of “If I only had a brain”) – If I only were a Goth!

  19. Those are amazing! I absolutely adore them.

  20. They’re amazing! It makes me want to do my own nail art. I’m not sure that I’d actually wear the nails, but I just want to decorate them!

  21. What a cool device that pen must be :-D LOVE the nails very cool

  22. Have not heard for you in a while? How are you C? I love Goth..esp girly goth.. not sure if I mentioned this… but I finally was able to get around to my blog roll and just added your link..

    Hope you’ll add me as well.. see you on FB = )

  23. those Cameo’s look amazing these are my favorite of your nail creations so far :)

  24. They look absolutely lovely^^ I used to use tooth picks to draw simple designs for my mates back in university^^ hmm…mayb I should pick that up again?

  25. Wow, these are SUPER cute!

  26. Kirsty Hutchison /

    Hi there!

    I saw this on the UK etsy feed and thought of you:

    Hope you like it.


    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Kristy: What a great collection of images! I’ll link to it in an upcoming post, thanks for the lead :)

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