Sweat It Out

We’ve just made our very own gym at home. I had allowed my schedule to get in the way of my exercise activities and the consequences are dire. All the usual things, from feeling more and more tired to not sleeping at all.Something had to be done.

So we’ve brought home the elliptical trainer, found my hand weights and set up the T.V with a whole seasons worth of Gossip Girl to distract my legs form their activity. But how do you go about making something as ordinary as exercise a little vintage glam?  And even more so, how do you do it without messing up your hair?

Ladies work out wear of the past had much more in common with what we now see on the tennis courts or the golf course – well unless your Venus Williams!  High waisted shorts, pleated skirts, all in ones, tennis dresses and the ever cute (but difficult to manage) playsuit. Surprisingly, when you think about it, most of these things are rather easy to come by, but the key difference is in the overall presentation of the look. Hair was still beautiful, not scraped into a ragged ponytail that would have your hairdresser shrinking with shame. When you consider the time and effort that went into an old-school weekly set, it wasn’t likely that these ladies would be working up a sweat, more likely a ‘lady like glow’. Exercise was less about cardio and fat burning,and more about gentle shaping and toning – invigoration. In fact, it all sounds just about my speed.

So I’ve taken a leaf from the vintage book yet again and come up with these; my very own Vintage Inspired Workout Wear look!

blue workout Sweat It Out

High Waisted shorts with a little cropped t-shirt. Some matching flat canvas trainers and bobby socks, as well as a cute hair band – cause we can’t have your hair in your eyes making you fall off the treadmill now can we!

Don’t forget the robe to keep you warm after said workout too!


pink workout Sweat It Out

Again with the high waisted shorts and this time with a cute tailored polo shirt. Don’t forget the clips to keep your curls out of your face.

yellow workout Sweat It Out

I love this cropped top with the detailed neckline. Pair with a short pleated skirt (very lady like if you please), bobby sock and flat canvas trainers again. A nice wide headband can be worn turban style to keep your curls up, safe and dry while your twisting away to your 18 inch waist!


Now is that a more attractive way to train than in your boyfriends old high school t-shirt? I think so!

kiss2 Sweat It Out

pixel Sweat It Out
 Sweat It Out
Even more!

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 Sweat It Out
Even more!

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  1. Looking forward to setting up a home gym once SB and I move in together – I’m also chronically bad for letting my schedule get the better of me and I really need to focus on my health.

  2. Genious! I had never thought about vintage inpired workout gear. I personally am a plain top, leggings (it’s the only time I wear leggings), plain trainers or converses. I will definitely consider the high waisted shorts idea!


  3. The third work out outfit is just darling!

  4. Can’t wait to see your Le Pommier post! I’m loving mine, still wear em all the time.

    I’m myfashionpassion.com by the way, just that the link above is my personal (and more regularly updated) blog! I’m making a post on hand-made shoes – shoesofprey.com tonight – I think you’ll be veeeeery interested :P

  5. Vanessa Lucero /

    What a terrific blog today! I’m one that likes to see covered up bodies. This proves that it CAN be done~these pics need to be posted in local gyms. I wish that women could understand that, in some cases-more is better sometimes, and that S-Q-UeezI-N-G into teeny weeny, bearing all gym clothes where they actually make you look worse because not not only is the fat being protruded out, so is the skin! Frankly, if I want to see a tube of toothpaste, I’d rather see it on my sink at home…not at the gym! Thanks SKM!!!

  6. You are so amazing to extend your retro-ness into your workouts! How cool is that??

    My workouts is me travelling everywhere by foot, so I wear my regular clothes. But, soon we’re getting a car, and I am stressing that I’ll gain even more weight, and I know I’m going to need to factor planned workouts into my days. But, I’m looking forward to it.

  7. Ohh! I loved the last look a lot!!! ?

  8. wonderful post, I figure skate for exersize, and usually wear leggings with a long sweater

  9. Wow, I think maybe this is a hint. I was on my way to do my exercise but got sidetracked by the computer…

    I have actually been wondering about this (how to look good while exercising) because my main exercise is riding my bike through my neighborhood where people can see me. However, I DO get all sweaty and nasty, so there doesn’t seem to be much point in getting all dolled up beforehand. Still, I want to look presentable. Too bad it’s too cold here in America to rock the high-waisted shorts just now (unless put with tights… hmmm)…

  10. floraposte /

    Moving house has been all the exercise I have needed for the past few weeks but definitely back to the gym on Monday!

    The last outfit is very cute, indeed far too cute to sweat in!

  11. oh my gosh, the cutest outfit for a workout. ;-)

  12. The pink outfit is super fun. The phones are cute, too!


  13. I love it all!

    Right now my exercise routine consists of moving house! (I’m very excited, can you tell?) Usually though, it’s an hour of Wii Fit and biking around. I think I should treat myself to a cute “wii workout outfit”, since right now winter in Scotland is very very very wet and my bike is about to go into hibarnation! Thinking on getting a cross trainer too, I miss my old one, and now I have somewhere to put it! (yes, still excited :P)

  14. Because I have a minor case of OCD, the second outfit greatly appeals to me. So matchy-matchy. And the pink is not too overwhelming. Nice selection of vintage workout outfits!


  15. I seriously need some workout skirts. My husband keeps buying me knee length leggings, but I’m too modest to feel comfortable in them at the gym. I just wear them to exercise at home… It keeps him happy ;)
    The Accidental Housewife recently posted..I Love Lucy

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