DIY Halloween Kitty Ears

 DIY Halloween Kitty Ears

Time for Super Happy Fun Craft Time! Just because it’s fun and with Halloween around the corner, it is a great time to pretend to make things for the little people in your life, knowing full well you really want to wear these to the supermarket! Well, maybe that’s just me, but either way here is a great fun new activity for you.  I doesn’t take mad skillz, just a few supplies, about 30minutes and the ability to follow instructions. So follow along and you’ll be able to great your own Nyan Nyan (cat) poses in no time!


*Pink felt or fabric*   *Thick pile fur fabric*

*Needle and thread*   *Elastic for head band*

*Fine picture hanging wire (optional)*

 DIY Halloween Kitty Ears

The exact materials you choose, are of course, up to you. I’m working with felt as it is a little stiffer than fabric, as well as a thick pile fur which gives the ears a good squishy appearance. The wire is optional, but if you wish the ears to be able to bend into different shapes, you will need to insert this along the way. When it comes to the actual headband attachment, you can choose to use basic elastic and sew it into a band to save money, but I’ve purchased these pre-prepared ones that have no joins and a grippy finish on the inside.

Begin by drawing and then cutting out a template to ensure all your pieces are the same size.

 DIY Halloween Kitty Ears

Position and pin your template onto the felt & cut 2. Repeat for the fur fabric. You will now have 4 pieces.

 DIY Halloween Kitty Ears

Pin 1 felt and1 fur, right sides together. Take care to push the pile of the fur towards the interior of the piece so very little escapes the seam.

 DIY Halloween Kitty Ears

Hand sew pieces together using small stitches, doubling back on them for strength. Leave most of the bottom section open.

 DIY Halloween Kitty Ears

Gently turn right side out.

 DIY Halloween Kitty Ears

 DIY Halloween Kitty Ears

This is the point that if you wish to insert wire, you need to do so. Determine the length you need and cut. Twist the two ends together to form an oval shape, then thread the wire inside the ears. Ease the wire out, allowing it to follow the edges of the inside of the ears. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it will help you bend and shape the ears in the finished product.

Decide on the best distance placement for your ears to get just the right cuteness factor – then pin into place on your band.

craft tutorials DIY Halloween Kitty Ears

Sewing through the wide, flat part of the band – tuck the open sections of the ears in together, stitching through them straight onto the band. Make small tight stitches and tie off well.

 DIY Halloween Kitty Ears

Et Voila! Go forth and spread some kitty love!

 DIY Halloween Kitty Ears

kiss2 DIY Halloween Kitty Ears

pixel DIY Halloween Kitty Ears
 DIY Halloween Kitty Ears
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 DIY Halloween Kitty Ears
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  1. You can use a pin to fluff out any of the fur that might be caught in the stitches as well.

  2. OdetteO /

    Thanks for the DIY. Those are wonderful! (I’m a big fan of cat costumes)

  3. heheheheheheh they’re awesome, you look so cute! I want a pair now!

  4. These are so cute. I will definately be making myself a pair. They remind me of those cute hoodies on korean ebay with the bunny and teddy bear ears.

  5. epp that is adorable!!!

    Oh gosh, i don’t think I have any halloween events to wear them to though… I would probably go as a kitty or rabbit.


  6. Nyan! So cute <3
    I love cat ears. But I can't make them by myself :<
    I am so untalented T.T

  7. Hey these ears are amazing and exactly what I’ve been looking for, so thank you so much. Awesome how easy they can be made and they look super cute on you!!Hopefully, mine will turn out great, too, i will try it immediately.

    oh an by the way, it’s not viola(like my name) but spelled voila;-)

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Viola: LOL Thank you! I’m afraid I’m not known as a crack spelling champion. Thank goodness I have a proper proof reader for my pro work!

  8. Oh my goodness, those are adorable! I think I will be wearing those out and about on Halloween day, as I am going 60s Mod for my Halloween party.


  9. Super kawaii! ;)

  10. What a fun do-it-yourself project!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  11. Great idea! Good way to save money too! This idea looks like it could translate into bunny ears as well. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Those are brilliant! Personally, I like to use a stiff plastic head band, and and mine involve a lot more hot glue and less sewing, but I may try this tutorial out someday!

  13. Oh haha how awesome! I want to wear them out, too!

  14. So cute! I may just DIY as per your instructions for Halloween ^_^

  15. soooooooo cute!!!

  16. That’s so cute! I used to dress up as a kitten too. I’m going to a fancy fetish and burlesque halloween party myself. Already thinking about the costume… It’s so fun to make those!

  17. Love these !! But if you want a simpler version (or maybe we are just not as able to navigate our way with wire hee hee) here is another type:

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