Birthday Outfit!

Candices birthday2 1 Birthday Outfit!

A BIG thank you to you all for your kind birthday wishes! I had a lovely relaxing family day on Sunday at my Mum’s and Dad kindly took some outfit photos for me to share with you all. Birthday’s are one of the best reasons to dress up.. any way you choose. Not that this outfit is all that different from my usual attire, but it is the first time I’ve worn this dress with a crinoline. Actually it is the first time I have worn this dress as it has been waiting in the cupboard for my waist to get just a touch smaller, so I was very pleased to be able to break it out for the day.

The dress is a 1980′s cotton, New Zealand designer vintage piece, which is a classic example of 1980′s does the 1940′s. I love the big cabbage rose print and the swishy skirt. I paired it with a fab reproduction crinoline picked up at Circa Vintage (where else!) and a 1950′s beaded cashmere cardigan as the sun was out but the chill was still in the air. And you may notice that I finally found an era appropriate watch,with a great winding mechanism and clear face, at the Salvo’s last week for a grand total of $15! There’s that clothing karma again.

So here’s to birthday’s and great dresses.  There is so much joy to be had in dressing up!

Candices birthday1 1 Birthday Outfit! blog icons and buttons4 1 Birthday Outfit! Candices birthday 1 Birthday Outfit!

Outfit Details:

Dress – 1980′s vintage from eBay

Cardigan – 1950′s beaded cashmere from a vintage fair

Shoes – Zoe Wittner

Rose earrings – from Diva   Hair Rose – Metallicus

Crinoline – Circa Vintage Clothing

kiss2 Birthday Outfit!

pixel Birthday Outfit!
 Birthday Outfit!
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 Birthday Outfit!
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  1. Fantastic! I am glad it was a great day :)

  2. Happy Belated! Gorgeous with that peek of red!

  3. I’d love to see a close up of that watch! I don’t think I’ve seen a vintage ladies’ watch before.

  4. Aw you look lovely!
    Great hair too SKM!

  5. Happy birthday Candice. Looking smashing :)

  6. Happy belated birthday! Beautiful pictures…and that hair! Love it.

  7. I hope you had an absolutely fabulous day! And like I said on Facebook – what a dress :-)

  8. Very nice! I’m not usually one for prints, but I love the one on your dress! Tres cute! Let’s hope I find me something just as cute when I head off to Vancouver on Saturday!

  9. Many congratulations on your big day. You look effortlessly artful in your lovely dress.

  10. Lovely as usual!

  11. Ahhhh! Yes! *jumps up and down excitedly*. My absolute favourite so far SKM! Exquisite! Love. It.

    And looks like you had a lovely day. Yay all round!

  12. Yee, Happy Birthday :)

  13. Happy Birthday!!!!
    lovely look & beautiful home!!


  14. What a gorgeous birthday look!

  15. A Happy Belated Birthday to you SKM!

    Lovely dress :)

  16. I’m glad I found you again, this site looks great! And you look as gorgeous as always. Happy birthday!

  17. You look amazing!

    I love that dress and the red crinoline works so well with the black and white

  18. happy belated birthday, SKM. you looked like a star. lovely.

  19. floraposte /

    Great dress and the hairstyles just keep getting better!

  20. Collette /

    Happy belated birthday, honey pie! I LOVE your hair in the pictures. How did you do that? They kind of look like big barrel curls. Maybe a tutorial on this hairstyle will pop up some day? You look fabulous. xxx

  21. Happy Birthday!!! Oh my–that dress is perfection! You look utterly radiant in it. :) Gorgeous!!!

  22. Very pretty dress!

  23. You look simply fabulous on your birthday! What a cute house and garden too!
    Fabulous Finds Gal

  24. Gorgeous dress! And happy belated birthday. =D
    -Andi x

  25. There is so much joy to be had in dressing up! –> No truer words have been spoken :)


  26. OOH I like…

  27. Happy Belated Birthday my Dear!!!

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Wow – Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! It means so much to have a great bunch of bloggy friends like you, and I appreciate every single comment you take the time to make. xxx

  28. Happy late birthday, my dear! And it’s never too late to say “You look amazing!”

  29. Happy birthday, love the outfit! mine was the 23rd, hooray for late August birthdays!! xx

    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      Kat: Did I say mine was actually on the 23rd? I can’t remember, but Happy Birthday to Us!


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