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My fashion inspirations are many and varied. The key for me is not to re create a literal, paint by numbers version of what I love, but to take the elements that appeal and work them into my own unique style. Yes, there are times that call for true to era vintage reproduction, but that is not usually in the course of my day to day life.  Having the freedom to dress the way we want is one of the great benefits of living in 2009.  There may be some restrictions in your attire given your employment, but for the most part, the restrictions we place on ourselves come from us alone and our notions of what is practical and acceptable for our position.  And while there is an entire string of posts I could devote to this topic, instead I’m going to present you with a showcase of my many and varied inspirations.

Welcome to the world of the Japanese Hime Gyaru – or Princess Girl.  Not to be confused with sympathetic Japanese street styles Sweet Lolita or Gyaru Style, Hime Gyaru is what has been referred to as “Lolita Grows Up”. Trust those innovative Japanese girls to come up with this one.  A fashion based on the real and imagined stylings of 17th century France, Marie Antoinette and her infamous style, Hime Gyaru relies heavily on pastel coloured ornamentation, big hair and sparkly embellishments. And for someone into Kawaii for all its kitsch and happy value, this is one look I love.

blog15 Princess Girl   Himegyaru Love

heart pink 16x16 Princess Girl   Himegyaru Love The Hair – The bigger the better. Teased and pouffy, with long tendrels to curl dreamily around your finger while you wait for your BFF to SMS you back on your bejweelled and bedazzeled iPhone. All that teasing leaves plenty of canvas to adorn with roses, pearls, tiara and even a small bird or two.

heart pink 16x16 Princess Girl   Himegyaru Love The Nails – Princess Girls should never have to work a day in their lives.  While waiting for Prince charming to whisk them away, they can while away the hours making each finger tip a different work of art, creating a 3D sculpture of flowers, pearls, glitter and the odd Hello Kitty head to add to the drama. It is completely OTT, totally impractical and stunningly crazy in a way that I adore.

heart pink 16x16 Princess Girl   Himegyaru Love The Dress – Fully skirted, to the knee, preferable in a pastel floral and with layers of petticoats. It has a heart shaped or square neckline to better show of the string of pearls with Swarovski bow adornment attached.

heart pink 16x16 Princess Girl   Himegyaru Love The Shoes – Generally mules with a lady like heel, nothing too clunky or heavy, and adorned with large rosettes across the bridge. Even the winter weight enclosed toe styles will come complete with large bows, more Swarovski, commonly seen with an ankle strap to draw the eye to those fine, delicate Princess proportions and a lady like heel height.

heart pink 16x16 Princess Girl   Himegyaru Love Shop – The two most famous Himegyaru labels are Jesus Diamante (no idea where they came up with that name!) and Liz Lisa. If you plan to shop these stores you will have to both read Japanese and have some serious cash to spend.  Jesus Diamante caters to the more full on Princess look, where Liz Lisa carries a range of what is termed ‘Casual Hime’ style.  That is taking the key elements of this intense styling and paring it back somewhat, to be able to work it with denim and a more day to day friendly look.

heart pink 16x16 Princess Girl   Himegyaru Love Play – I have already whiled away a good hour our two playing this dress up game.  A clever fan of the Himegyaru style designed this game piece to allow you to dress and style you own little Princess Girl, giving her new hair, outfits and accessories.  This one is a popular after breakfast game for my girls.

heart pink 16x16 Princess Girl   Himegyaru Love Watch – There is loads and loads of himegyaru information on You Tube, but this has to be one of my favorite videos. (Sorry I can’t embedd it here). It sees the hosts of a popular Japanese television show explore the style first hand.  Meeting and greeting some real life Hime girls on the street, then heading into Jesus Diamante for a makeover.   I wish I knew what the hosts were actually saying!

blog16 Princess Girl   Himegyaru Love

It may not be your cup of tea, but there is no denying the fun to be had with this one!

kiss2 Princess Girl   Himegyaru Love

pixel Princess Girl   Himegyaru Love
 Princess Girl   Himegyaru Love
Even more!

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 Princess Girl   Himegyaru Love
Even more!

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  1. Oh I love this style! and that game – so hooked lol I only wish there were even more options!

  2. Okay, I have to admit that I was a little worried when I first saw the pictures, but it’s really cute! And so frilly! I think most women want to just feel uber cute every now and then. Consider me inspired!

  3. This is so much fun! Leave it to the Japanese to be so fabulous, I have got to move to Japan!

  4. I find this really interesting, as it is so OTT and inventive. I actually would love to wear little birds in my hair sometimes – though perhaps not for just going down the shops ;)

  5. My initial reaction was that this a bit creepy and disempowering to women. However it absolutely intrigues me at the same time.

    Certainly shows how fashion can be a way of living out fantasies. This is EXTREME fashion, I suppose. Informative post. Hadn’t heard of this one before.

  6. Awww cute! I was at Duchess today, all that cutesy, asian goodness was a head spinning experience!

    Ohh and that dress up game was fun! I play dress up games wayyy too often…


    • Super Kawaii Mama /

      ASAB: I LOVE Duchess for all their cute Asian fashion and huge Tottoros. Alas… nothing fits me though, hence why I stick to Tottoros.
      Kel: Once you start delving into the sub genres of Japanese street fashion, you can’t take your eyes away. It is just out of this world!
      Marianne: If anyone could pull off a bird in the hair to pick up some bread and milk, it would be you!
      Maggi: When I last came back I would have packed up my things and moved in a heart beat I was so enamored!
      Fyre: I have to keep you on your toes now don’t I?

  7. These pictures make me want to fly of to Japan and to gather up a gaggle of these girls to bring back to Australia to be my new Posse. We’d stroll around talking about how quait everything is, texting one another from meters away, and eating nothing but cake.

    Thanks for sharing SKM! I might have to ‘Diva’ this post idea, if you don’t mind XD


  8. Rachael /

    How ironic! I came across a group on LJ only yesturday about Him Gyaru style. Before then, I’d heard the term, but knew nothing about it, and now I’m hooked! lol
    So weird that you posted this so soon after, too!

    PS. That game… too addictive! lol

  9. I love the gigantic hair.

  10. This is so my cup of tea! The eighteenth century is my major inspiration nowadays, though I tend to be less pastel in winter. Argh, if only I had access to such a selection!

  11. How delightfully kitschy! Off to play the dress-up game now. :D

  12. A bit ott but very cute!

  13. :D :D :D
    Yay for Hime Gyaru! I hope this inspires some other girls, I would love to have a Gal sa over here. Australia needs more Princesses for me to hold Court with.
    The video is one of my favorites too, I love her expression after the make over!

    Very well written and accurate <3

  14. so many different styles… the name confused me at first…
    i love how excessive this is. thanks for posting about himegyaru. i’m off to watch the vid

  15. Jaede /

    Not my style but I admire anyone who goes against what is considered the norm. They are too cute and leave it to the Japanese to be ‘out there’

  16. Oh gosh, they are a fairytale come to life! I love the dresses especially, could incorporate into my own style.

  17. lilmissdella /

    haha lol super cute n adorable !


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