Dear Weekend 20.06.09

dear weekend Dear Weekend 20.06.09

It has been a rainy and sniffly week for me here, so I have spent a lot of time planning things to cheer myself up. I have come up with so many project that I may need to hire the services of the Seven Dwarfs to complete them all! The inside of my studio is now filled with supplies; musk pink silk roses, five meters of magenta plaid taffeta and paint swatches that look like the inside of a lolly shop.  So let’s see what’s on the agenda.

heart pink 16x16 Dear Weekend 20.06.09 Heading into Williamstown for The Way We Ware Vintage Fair – the perfect shot in the arm for my winter wardrobe.

heart pink 16x16 Dear Weekend 20.06.09 Planning the world’s greatest birthday cake for the big event this week.

heart pink 16x16 Dear Weekend 20.06.09 Sketching and planning a pink princess play area for this misses.  I need to source the perfect chandelier for this one, as even though I know they have already had their moment, when you’re five, so long as it is pink and sparkly its Da Bomb!

heart pink 16x16 Dear Weekend 20.06.09 Working on a fabulous new Style Inspirations series for you all!

pink princess room chandelier Dear Weekend 20.06.09
1. The princess bedroom, 2. The three chairs, 3. Dining Room Chandelier

heart pink 16x16 Dear Weekend 20.06.09heart pink 16x16 Dear Weekend 20.06.09heart pink 16x16 Dear Weekend 20.06.09heart pink 16x16 Dear Weekend 20.06.09heart pink 16x16 Dear Weekend 20.06.09

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  • So what is on your fun agenda this weekend?

    kiss2 Dear Weekend 20.06.09

    pixel Dear Weekend 20.06.09
     Dear Weekend 20.06.09
    Even more!

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     Dear Weekend 20.06.09
    Even more!

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    1. Sounds like you have a lot of things to do this weekend! :) Hope you feel a bit better too–the sniffles are never fun! :(

      For me, I’m just planning a relaxing weekend at home. Possibly some sewing, a few errands, and helping Sailor Husband grill! We both had an exhausting week, and I’m under the weather, so catching up on my sleep is top on my agenda. hehe!

      Hope you have a splendid weekend!

      • Super Kawaii Mama /

        Casey: Let’s both takes lots of naps this week then. Sounds like a good plan. :)
        Jaede: I was thinking the same thing and now am looking at Musk Stick Pink paint swatches!
        Grant: You are going to get quite a giggle from these. Can’t wait to get it all finished.
        Corrine: Best of luck with the assignments!
        VV: Chekc them out. I’ve posted the finds today. And welcome back!

    2. Jaede /

      Hope you get over the sniffles soon and have a wonderful weekend. This just goes to show I’m always thinking with my stomach……hehe………….when I read ‘musk pink silk’ it translated to ‘pink musk sticks’ and of course these are unavailable in the US and I want some now!

    3. OOOOOH!

      Can’t wait to hear about the Vintage Fair and also your style inspirations. Very excited indeed!


    4. Wow, what a fun-filled weekend! Much more spectacular than my assignment mania, but thankfully it’s only for another few days, hooray! Gorgeous pictures :)

    5. How was the Vintage Fair? I didn’t get time this weekend to visit, but I loved it last year.

      Hope to see a post here about your finds

      xx VV

    6. Do you mind sharing where you found that incredible plaid taffeta fabric on those 3 chairs? I’d love to redo a chair like that in my daughters room. I love that picture! So awesome!!! Did you recover the chairs? We came across your site while doing a google search for hot pink chandelier! :)


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